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Read the Foreword written by Dr. Patrick Flanagan and The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook by John DeSalvo. (2003)

"The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook"

MegaHydrate® is an important supplement for improving the antioxidant potential of the water you drink. Regeneration and rehydration is easier with concentrated hydrogen ions maintaining a negative charge at the cellular level. Check back soon for our next PhiSciences Video of the Month.

Founded by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan

© PhiSciences, a 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a) faith-based organization, is the long-standing superfoods innovator founded by the late great Dr. Patrick Flanagan, inventor of the Neurophone and author of Pyramid Power, and has been imparting healing, wellness and education to the world since the 1980s, including through world-renowned nutraceuticals MegaHydrate® and Crystal Energy®.

Our mission and purpose at PhiSciences is to promote Christ-consciousness in the world, to continue the tradition since the 1980s of imparting education and training in spiritually enlightened health and wellness, and to provide broad access to nutraceutical superfoods like world-renowned MegaHydrate® and Crystal Energy®.

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  • Patrick Flanagan

    About Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan

    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's remarkable journey began at the age of 11 when he ingeniously crafted and successfully sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. Military. By the time he turned seventeen, he had already obtained his air pilot's license, becoming a beacon of inspiration to many. His brilliance led him to be employed by a prestigious Think Tank at The Pentagon and later serve as a trusted consultant to renowned organizations such as the NSA, CIA, and NASA, amongst others.

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  • About PhiSciences

    PhiSciences, led by the visionary Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, is passionately committed to enriching the human experience through natural methods. Our unwavering mission is to elevate the quality of life for every individual by harnessing the power of nature's own gifts. We strive to unlock the full potential of human well-being, painting a future where our lives are enhanced and enriched through the beauty of natural means.

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  • Hydration And Water Research

    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's goal was to create water identical to Hunza Water and to share the gift of an increased life span with the rest of the world. After many years, he unlocked the secrets of Hunza Water and reproduced its properties.

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  • Antioxidants

    Microcluster® Silica, the active ingredient in MegaHydrate®, has been shown in numerous published scientific studies as an antioxidant compound. The negatively-charged hydrogen ions react with free radicals to neutralize the harmful effects of the radicals.

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Interview With Dr. Patrick Flanagan On Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy®

Interview With Dr. Patrick Flanagan On MegaHydrate® & Crystal Energy

The Original Mega Hydrate

Amazing Essentials by Stephanie Sutton. Natural Organic Skin Care

Amazing Essentials™ Amazing Body Master Moisturizer
  • Patrick Flanagan Library

    The Patrick Flanagan Library is an offering to the community of Sedona and beyond.  It is free to anyone who has a desire and thirst for knowledge.

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  • All Things Flanagan

    The Life & Times of Dr. Patrick Flanagan

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