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Pyramid Power II: Scientific Evidence by G. Patrick Flanagan 1981

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From the inside cover-- What is Pyramid Power? The concept of Pyramid Power is based on the observation that foods and other items placed in a small model of the Great Pyramid of Egypt are affected in a postitie way. Food items dehydrate without spoiling, the growth rate of plants is increased, the growth rate of bacteria cultures are decreased, the growth of crystals from supersaturated solutions is increased.the flavor of wines and other beverages is improved, and people sleeping in pyramids report heightened states of awareness, increased energy, and heightened sexual response. Since the publication of the book Pyramid Power by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in 1973, the subject of Pyramid Power has been a raging controversy in the press and scientific circles. Pyramid Power II is based on the first scientific study of the pyramid effect performed by independent scientific consultants. The research experiments presented in this volume were prepared under exacting scientific protocols, and executed by highly respected scientists who were hired as consultants by Mankind Research Foundation, Washington D.C. M.R.F. is a non-profit research foundation directed by Dr. Carl Schliecher.