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Patrick Flanagan: The Man of Tomorrow

A True Life Story Biography as told to Russ Michael

Patrick Flanagan's utterly astounding, compelling true-life story will excite and thrill every fiber and atom of your heart, soul, and being!
In all Earth's long historical recording of the truly great historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Thomas Edison and Walter Russell, never in our modern times before, has a humanly embodied soul on Earth emerged on a level that measures with these towering great souls as does Patrick Flanagan.
Just as these Great Ones in history left their stamp or mark on the heart and soul of the world in their time, so Patrick Flanagan is leaving his mark on our times.
Read how Patrick, a prolific inventor, developed more than 300 inventions and still today holds the patent on more than 100 of them. Patrick also authored a towering best seller, Pyramid Power, which sold more than 1.5 million hardcover edition books in the 1970s and 1980s.
Read how Patrick “awakened” as an infant and through childhood age, to "set his sights" on achieving an astounding level of personal control and complete self-mastery of his entire body and being, allowing him to win gold medals in every major sport competition he entered and competed. However, sports were the least of his accomplishments.
From the very early age of 8 years old, the fields of electronics, biochemistry and physics drew his intense interest. By age 12, Patrick was already an avid, prolific and famed inventor.
Read how at age 13, a startled team of Pentagon scientists swooped down to confiscate Patrick’s widely acclaimed prize-winning invention. By age 16, he had read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.
Read why at age 17, he was featured on the cover of Life magazine and why Life editors predicted he would become one of the world’s top inventors during his lifetime - a prediction he certainly has already totally achieved.
No other individual in the known history of our human civilization on Earth has produced so many inventions in so many fields, including the field of health and well-being, as has the living, loving and so very charismatic.
Russ Michael is a best seller author of 37 prior blockbuster self-help books.
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All Rights Reserved Worldwide
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This book is dedicated with great love and endless appreciation to Dr. Patrick Flanagan AKA "Mr. Pyramid Power."
A long, long-time dear friend and an awesome spiritual brother helping Humanity to soon birth a Golden Age on Earth.


Part 1
Birth through Early Childhood

Patrick was born two months prematurely on October 11, 1944, without a swallow reflex. He was in an incubator for six weeks and fed through his rectum using catheters attached to bags of nutrients. He had pure white hair and violet eyes, giving him an unworldly look, until age six. Like many other geniuses, he did not speak until a much later age than other children usually do.
Reading at Age 2

Patrick taught himself to read at two-years-old with help from his mother. Quickly becoming a bookworm, he rejected children’s stories, preferring technical books.
Further Sign of Genius at Age 3

His parents bought a ship’s compass from a surplus store and set it on the floor for Patrick to play with. Somehow, without any tools, young Patrick managed to remove the many small screws and disassemble it.
Ham Radio Operator at Age 8

At age 8, Patrick held a General Class ham radio license, and designed and built his own transmitters, receivers and antennas.
Recurring “Nightmare” Vision at Age 8

Also at age 8, Patrick has a recurring “nightmare” every night. He states, “The dream made me want to learn everything I could on every subject.”

Science Fair Win at Age 13 Prompts Call from Pentagon



Using his knowledge of antennas, transmitters and receivers, and knowing that atomic bombs generate columns of super-heated ionized gasses that act like vertical antennae and that these ionized gasses would generate radio waves, he built an atomic bomb detector. His First Place Overall win at Jane Long Junior High was reported on the first page of the Houston Chronicle. The next week, he was called to the school principal’s office to take a call from a four-star general to say he was sending a team of scientists from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to see his invention.

Starts Flying Lessons at Age 13
Obtained his FAA Private Pilot License at Age 17

Speed Reader at Age 14

At age 14, Patrick’s reading and comprehension skills were tested at his school. Clocked at 15,000 words per minute, he could read a 300-page book in 15 minutes and, when tested, remembered 95 percent of it.
Reads the Entire Encyclopedia Britannica by Age 16
Discovers Girls, Loses Virginity at Age 17

In the process, Patrick discovers the secret of great strength and agelessness.
Becomes a First Class Radio Engineer at Age 17

Patrick was a ham radio operator from the age of eight. By the time he was 17, he held every license offered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in radio, radar and microwave engineering.
Invents the Neurophone at Age 17

The United States government labels it “SECRET.”
Works Summers for Pentagon Think Tank Age 17

Working summers for the Pentagon think tank, Patrick met Dr. Henri Coanda and began his first investigative work on water. His work led to the invention of the Neurophone, which was labeled “Secret” by the government.
Honored with the Gold Plate Award and Key to the City of San Diego at Age 18

Along with Edward Teller, Murray Gell-Mann and Admiral “Red” Rayburn, Patrick received the Gold Plate Award and the Key to the City of San Diego. (See photo)
Offered Scholarship by Director of CIA at Age 18

After meeting at the Gold Plate Award ceremony, Admiral “Red” Rayburn, Director of the CIA, offers Patrick a scholarship.
Featured on “I’ve Got A Secret” at Age 18

Patrick was featured on the then popular television program “I've Got a Secret” after Life Magazine published a feature story on his work and inventions.
Wins Gold Medals in Gymnastics at Age 19

In 1963, Patrick, a self-taught gymnast, won a gold medal in every gymnastic event of the Southern United States Gymnastic Championships held in Houston, Texas .

First Marriage at Age 19
Gemini Space Project

Patrick works at IBM and then for NASA in Clearlake, Texas, on the computers that run the Gemini space shots.
May-December Encounter with Legendary Gloria Swanson

At age 20, Patrick becomes 74-year-old Gloria Swanson's lover.

Begins Work on Dolphin Communications at Age 20

Patrick Flanagan Begins Work on Dolphin Communications at Age 20
Patrick becomes a partner in Listening, Inc., in Boston. Starts working on human-dolphin communications and holophonic sound.

Surprise Party Seduction at Age 20

Tricked into coming to a party, Patrick delightfully finds he is the party when not one, not two, not three, but six beautiful women seduce him.

Patrick Flanagan Authors and Publishes best seller book, "Pyramid Power"

Authors and Publishes best seller book, Pyramid Power

Patrick's research and study of orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, the energy of pyramids and other esoteric energies leads to his successful self-publication of Pyramid Power, which sells 1.5 million copies.
Meets and Marries Hollywood Actress

Patrick marries famed Hollywood actress Eve Bruce.
Astounding Visit to Egypt in 1974

Patrick and Eve Bruce spend the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. On the same trip, he meets Sufi Master Hassan Shushud.
Invents the Sensor

Patrick invents the sensor, a device that helps to balance body meridians and etheric chakras.
Guest Appearance on the popular Tom Snyder Show

Patrick receives rave reviews from the audience.
Becomes a Trance Medium and Healer

An adept with many interests, Patrick becomes a trance medium and does healing on thousands.
Time Magazine Publishes Article on “Innergy” Seminars

Patrick teaches 16,500 people “Innergy” (how to control inner energy) at seminars all over the country.
Raises Venomous Snakes

Patrick raises cobras, kraits and rattlesnakes; he smokes the venom and consumes the gall bladders of more than 500 of the deadliest of snakes.
Gifted with a Photographic Memory
Patrick in the News

Esquire and Time magazine publish feature articles about Patrick and pyramid power, and he is invited to appear on the “Tom Snyder” television show.
IBT ImmunoBiological Transformation
Conducts Workshops at Rejuvenation Clinics and Seminars all over the world
Patrick Moves to Snowflake, a small town near Sedona, Arizona
Meets and Marries His 3d Lovely Wife, Gael Crystal
He Becomes Celibate for 14 Years

While living near Sedona and while married to Gael, his third wife, Patrick remains celibate for 14 years, busily working every night in his laboratory. He discovers the secrets of Hunza water and negatively ionized hydrogen.
Comes Down from the Mountain and Writes Elixir of the Ageless
Meets his 4th Wife, Stephanie Sutton at the Goddess Temple.
Moves to California and…

  • Develops laser technology for balancing energies in the body and in the environment
  • Explores the use of the Golden Ratio in healing; the fractal music of the universe; and the sound of creation.
  • Finds that hydrogen is the mother of the Universe
  • Discovers the H-ion in 1985
  • Finds that the H-ion exists in the fluids of all living organisms.


Patrick has developed a mind-boggling more than 300 valuable inventions and holds more than 100 patents.

Currently at and in a healthful mid-60s life range, he finds that his time never stands still.

His miraculous Super Health PhiScience products: Crystal Energy® and Mega Hydrate™ are sold and consumed and bring added health to highly rejuvenated consumers in most countries all over the world.

Patrick Flanagan

Part 1 - Table of Contents

Chapter Titles
Part 2 - Infancy and Childhood
Chapter 1 - Patrick’s Difficult Soul-Body-Birth Entrance into 3-D Earth Physicality

Part 3 - Teens
Part 4 - A Walk on the wild side (1) - Creative Young Adulthood
Chapter 2 - Virginity is Lost in Bellaire, Texas at age 17

Part 5 - Sufi Master
Chapter 3 - Patrick Meets Sufi Master Hassan Shushud
Part 6 - Invite to Egypt
Chapter 4 - A Surprise Paid trip Invite to the Great Pyramid of Egypt
Part 7 - Walk on the Wild Side (2)

Chapter 5 - How 20-Year-Old Patrick Becomes 74-Year-Old Gloria Swanson's LOVER

Part 8 - Meets Soulmate
Chapter 6 - Patrick Meets His Lifetime Soulmate
Part 9 - CHINA Invitation

Chapter 7 - CHINA Opens It's Arms to "Man of Tomorrow"
Part 10 - Pyramid Power

Part 11 - Tesla?

Chapter 9 - Is Dr. Patrick Flanagan---the famed Nicolas Tesla---Reincarnated
Part 12 - Now Where?
Chapter 10 - Where To From Here
Appendix A - Pyramid Power User Testimonials
Appendix B - About the Author
Appendix C - Author Contact
Preface by Author

Huge Crystal Ball from Submerged Atlantis Temple...
As you read the utterly gripping life story of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, you will discover there seems to be no end to the many facets of his extraordinary human soul, body, mind and being.
I first met Patrick Flanagan in 1974 at a huge national conference of new thought and new age speakers in Phoenix, Arizona, USA . We formed an instant rapport or inner soul recognition at that first meeting.
It was about 5:00 p.m. Patrick was seated at the head of the table with his attractive friend, Eve Bruce, to his left. Seated to their left were Dr. Ray Brown and his beloved wife Ellen. My then wife, and so lovely soulmate Pat and I sat to the right of Patrick and Eve. A warm exchange of friendly conversation grew instantly between us. Ray dug into a large purple velvet satchel by his side. He brought out a huge, glittering, gleaming, crystal-clear solid crystal ball measuring about nine inches in diameter to our collective wide-eyed looks and gasps of amazement. The crystal ball looked alive!
A long-time professional underwater sea diver, Ray told us that one day he was prompted to do some personal pleasure diving off the coast of Florida near Bimini right after a severe storm. As he reached the bottom, he was astounded to find that the storm had uncovered a massive underwater building. As he drew nearer, he could see it was obviously a huge almost snow-white stone temple.
Ray swam on through into the temple's underwater dimly lighted interior. The water was crystal-clear. As he gazed around within the interior, to the rear of the temple he saw two huge gold colored pillars reaching toward the ceiling, one to the left and one to the right of a raised altar. The pillars glowed with a soft white light. He also saw seven huge white stone chairs, placed in a perfect arc, facing the altar.
Drawing closer to the altar, he was astonished to see two perfectly sculptured human hands holding the shimmering crystal ball. To his amazement; the crystal ball came out into his hand at his first tug.
Ray put the crystal ball back into its velvet satchel. Before we had finished our dinner, we made a pact that the six of us would gather in Patrick and Eve's hotel room at 10:00 p.m. sharp that night. Patrick promised he would go into a trance and channel Ascended Egyptian Master Kaskafayet to ask where the crystal ball had come from and if indeed, the unveiled underwater temple was a submerged structure from old Atlantis.
At 10:00 p.m., the six of us met in Patrick and Eve's hotel room. While Patrick was in a deep trance state, the etheric entity behind the voice that soon spoke introduced himself as Master Kaskafayet. His voice was far different from Patrick's normal speaking voice.
Master Kaskafayet, speaking through Patrick, asked if anyone in the room had a question for him. Eve asked if the crystal ball in her hands was indeed from a submerged Atlantian temple off the coast of Bimini. She asked Master Kaskafayet to tell us where the crystal ball had come from or how it was created and the significance of the seven stone chairs facing the altar where the pair of human-like hands held the crystal ball in their grasp.
Master Kaskafayet spoke without hesitation. He confirmed that the crystal ball was indeed from a long submerged very sacred temple of old Atlantis. Master Kaskafayet went on to answer the questions more fully, stating that not only had Patrick Flanagan, as a High Priest in that temple, created the unique crystal ball, but that the five of us in the room were, along with Patrick, six of the seven High Priests who worked in the temple to prevent the foreseen sinking of Atlantis.
NOTE from author

More than 10 years later, an extraordinary psychic, Almine told us all that Archangel Melchizedek had instructed her to tell me that just before Atlantis sank I was one of seven High Priests sitting in powerful meditation in a stone chair along with six other High Priests.
Patrick Walks With One Foot in Each of Two Worlds
By now, I am certain you are getting the clear message that Patrick Flanagan is definitely a Man of Tomorrow who very consciously “walks with one foot in two different worlds.”
Repeat, Patrick Flanagan was destined to be widely known as a Man of Tomorrow simply because he awakened to his own Inner Divine "I Am" identity and began “walking with one foot in two worlds” at a very early age.
READ ON! Perhaps you too are one of these awakened or awakening Lightbearers, and thus a sacred new budding or brightly blooming 'Woman or Man of Tomorrow' in the making.
Part 2 - Infancy and Childhood
Chapter 1
Patrick’s Difficult Soul-Body-Birth Entrance into 3-D Earth Physicality
My mother, Betty, gave birth to my older brother Michael January 10, 1940, in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . She was only 17 years old and tiny at 4' 11” tall and weighing a mere 80 pounds dripping wet. She was also half-Cherokee, a fact I did not learn about until just two months before her death.
After my brother Michael’s birth, her doctors told her she could never have another child because of various medical reasons. Nearly four years later, my mother had to have her ovaries removed due to complications. She said she prayed for another child so hard that Jesus visited her in the hospital and told her she was going to have another child, and that he would do great things for humanity.
Seven months later, on October 11, 1944, she gave birth to me. I was born two months prematurely without a swallow reflex, unable to eat. I was in an incubator for six weeks and fed through catheters inserted in my rectum. I fully remember being born and nearly dying on several occasions in these first weeks of my life.
I did not speak until much later than most other children do. My brother Mike says it’s because I didn’t have anything to say! However, I did learn to read at a very young age, with the help of my mother, and quickly became a bookworm. No children’s books for me, almost immediately I was drawn to technical manuals.
It wasn’t just books that held my attention. My parents loved going to the Army-Navy surplus store where they could buy all kinds of “toys” inexpensively. When I was three, they came home with a ship's compass and put it on the kitchen floor so I could play with it. I became very quiet so they came looking for me. They found me on the floor with dozens of tiny screws all around me. I had completely disassembled the compass. They never could figure out how I had done it without any tools.
As you can imagine, I must have seemed like quite an unusual child to my working-class parents. My looks just added another dimension. From birth until around age 6, I had snow-white hair and violet eyes.
According to my parents, I had such an otherworldly look that people would stop them, so they could look at me.
Tidbits - Infancy and Childhood

  • Patrick's Soul Overcomes Being Born Two Months Prematurely
  • Had Pure Snow-White Hair and Violet-Colored Eyes
  • He Did Not Speak Early Like Other Children
  • A Self-Taught Reader At Age Two
  • Many Other Further Signs of Being Unusual At Age Three
  • Qualifies for a General Class Ham Radio License at Age Eight
  • The Dream: A Repeated Lucid Nightmare Vision at Age Eight

Part 3

Teen Tidbits

  • Gifted With A Photographic Memory
  • Science is Patrick's Early and Ongoing Main Life Interests
  • Neurophone Invention
  • WINS the Science Fair at Thirteen
  • Was a Landslide Sports Gold Medal Winner
  • Takes Flying Lessons at Age 14
  • Receives Flying License at 17
  • Receives Gold Plate Award
  • Reads the Entire Encyclopedia Britannica by Age Sixteen
  • Works for IBM on Gemini Space Shots
  • First Marriage at Nineteen
  • Works on NASA Computers to Run Gemini Space Shots

Part 4 - A Walk on the Wild Side (1)

Chapter 4

Virginity Lost in Bellaire, Texas at age 17
In the spring of 1961, I was 17 years old and was already a world champion gymnast. At five-foot-four, I had a 48-inch chest, 17-inch biceps and could do a front flip landing in a perfect handstand. I could clean and military-press 280 pounds over my head with ease at a personal body weight of 128. I owned a Hillman convertible that I bought with my income as a consultant to the Pentagon.
The community swimming pool in Bellaire, Texas, had an area to the side of the pool with barbells and weights. One day I was working out with weights when a bikini-clad girl asked me if I would give her a ride home when I left for the day.
Connie Fang was 13-years-old. She had green eyes with gold flecks and her pupils were vertical slits like cat-eyes. The magnetism was instantaneous. I was a virgin, she wasn’t. I agreed to leave immediately.
When we got to her house, she told me that her mother worked all day and was not coming home until that evening. One thing led to another and we had sex five times in a few hours.
The next day when I went to the pool, I could not lift the weights off the ground. My muscles were the same, I just did not have the power I had the day before.
This incident was the beginning of my quest to understand the nature of “inner power.” What had happened to my strength? I remembered the movie where Delilah robbed Samson of his strength by cutting his hair.
I knew of the concept of Chi and Qi, the inner energy that martial artists claim to control. All I knew was that the act of sex had robbed me of my Chi and that the size of my muscles had little to do with my true power.
It wasn’t until many years later that I had my answer. In my quest to understand inner energy, I read many books about the concept of inner power. Then in my late 20s, I read The Secret of the Golden Flower.
In it, I read that Li Chin Yun lived to be 256 years old, surviving 23 wives. He practiced Taoist sexual energy control techniques. These techniques involved having sex without ejaculation. I read that a Chinese Emperor had sex with as many as 24 women every night. Controlling his orgasms caused his sexual energy to flow through his nervous system, rejuvenating his body and giving him immense power.
The words were sketchy and did not reveal the secret techniques used by the Chinese masters. Back in those days, there were no books about Tantra nor were there any schools that taught it. I was on my own.
I had read a lot about the concepts of inner energy but had no guides on how to proceed.
My scholar friend, Clarence, lived in Los Angeles and owned a small esoteric library called Dimensions. One day, I told Clarence that I really enjoyed foreplay and everything leading up to ejaculation, but that I felt drained of energy after orgasm and that it was my least favorite thing about sex.
Clarence looked me in the eyes and said a most profound thing: “Patrick, have all the sex you want, just stop coming!”
When I told Clarence my fear that my semen would back up and give me prostate problems, he explained that my lymph system would reabsorb the semen and that the reabsorbed semen would rejuvenate my body, making me stronger and stronger.
He recommended I read the book The Word by Harold Percival, saying, “The book is on celibacy and shows that there are two paths to enlightenment; the left hand path of Sexual Power and the right hand path of Celibacy. The left hand path is dangerous but quick while the right hand path was slow but safe.”
Clarence told me to learn how to control orgasms by going right to the point of ejaculation and then stopping until the energy was under control.
I started practicing alone. I would masturbate right to the point of ejaculation, then I would visualize the energy moving from my genitals up my spine into my head and then down the front of my body into the Dan Tien (Dantian, Dan T'ian, Tan T'ien) or Cauldron of Energy a few inches below my naval.
After a couple of months, I got pretty good at the practice. I learned that a master would have sex daily without ejaculation. If the energy were saved for thirteen moon cycles, oil would accumulate in the pineal gland. A person who succeeded was then “Christed” or Christened with oil and a flame of consciousness would ignite and open the third eye.

Author's note: Patrick “lost” his virginity at 17 (the same age I “lost” mine) and that life-altering event led directly to Patrick's astounding discovery of the secret of great strength and potential physical body agelessness, for anyone willing to follow the disciplines involved.
Related Tidbits

  • Surprise - Seduced by Six Beautiful Girls
  • Sex Every Day for Hours
  • Sexuality, a Key in Patrick's Quest for Kundalini Power
  • Moved the Energy Consciously in Orbits for 8 Years
  • Kundalini Flashed Through His Entire Nervous System Like a Raging Forest Fire
  • A Shiva Lingam Came Out of Patrick's Mouth
  • Patrick’s Drastic Lifestyle Change After Reading "Percival's The Word" Book
  • Patrick Learns Difference Between Left Hand and Right Hand Path of Sexual Power
  • Married to Gael - Author's Note: as a Doctor of Divinity, I, Russ Michael, performed Patrick's Marriage Ceremony in 1983
  • Was a Celibate Brahmacharya for 10.5 of 14 Years Marriage to Gael
  • Learned Processing of the Monthly Christ Seed to Ignite the Fire in My Pineal Gland
  • Smokes Cobra Venom
  • Awakens Many Energy Centers in His Brain and Nervous System
  • IME Magazine Articles 

PART 5 - Sufi Master 

Chapter 2
Patrick Meets Sufi Master Hassan Shushud
In the spring of 1974, Hollywood actress, Eve Bruce and I were living in her apartment off Franklin Street in Hollywood. One day one of Eve’s friends called and said that there was a Sufi Master giving a private lecture at a movie director’s home theater in Bellaire.

The lecture was at a full-sized home movie theater on a very large estate. The Sufi Master, Hassan Shushud, was 93 years old and had been one of Gurdjief’s teachers. He was from Istanbul, Turkey, and taught a practice known as Itlak Yol Itlak Yolu meant the “Great Void.” Master Shushud taught specific breathing exercises to purify the body and mind.

We were told it was an honor to be invited because the group consisted of students who had been taught by Mr. Shushud for many years. Eve told me we had to be very quiet and respectful. Master Shushud was a Dervish from an area known as Konia and did not take new students. I was also told that Master Shushud was the former finance minister for the government and was a highly respected Sufi.

We arrived late, entered the auditorium quietly and sat in the very back so that we would not disturb any one.

Master Shushud was on stage with a spotlight and a single microphone. His voice was so weak and delicate that we could not make out his words. After about 30 minutes, I whispered to Eve that I wanted to leave and go out to dinner.

We stood up and were walking toward the exit when Master Shushud said very loudly, “Stop,” I turned around. Everyone was looking at me. I pointed at myself and said, “Me?”
He replied, “Yes, you. I want you to come here, to me.”
I went up on the stage, with all eyes remaining on me. Master Shushud remarked, “I do not tell the future, and I do not flatter. But I know your future and I must tell you before you leave.”
He reached out and put the forefinger of his right hand on my third eye, waited a moment and then began to speak.
“Not too soon, and not too far off you will be invited to go to Egypt. There something will happen to you. You will feel as if you are a new person. Within six months, your own mother will not recognize you. You will live in a house with an ‘L’ shape in the middle of the forest. There you will make a discovery that will save mankind. You will write the most important book ever written and you name will go down in history as the savior of mankind. This will happen whether you believe it or not. It will happen no matter where you go or what you do. It is your destiny.”
With that, he turned to the audience and said it was time for a break and that he would continue the lecture the next day.
He then invited Eve and me into the main house for tea and cookies. As we were walking side-by-side, he touched me on the base of the spine and I felt an electric shock move up my entire body and into my brain. I saw a blinding flash of light. When I looked at him, he just gave me a sly smile. No words were exchanged.

Part 6 - Invitation to Egypt
Chapter 3
A Surprise Paid Trip Invitation to the Great Pyramid of Egypt
About three months later, I received a call from a man from Elkhart, Indiana. He said his name was Claude Corson and that he was the owner of Coachman Industries. He invited me to go to Egypt as a consultant on a business deal. He would also pay for Eve and cover all of our expenses. In late August, we were flying to Egypt on TWA. I guess that could qualify as not too soon and not too long.
Eve had a friend who was a writer, John Sacks, who had written a best selling book on Viet Nam about Lt. Calley and the Mai Li massacre.
When we told John that we were going to Egypt, he begged to go along with us, saying that Esquire Magazine would pay his way if he could write an article about our trip. I was already becoming famous for Pyramid Power and John said he would let me read the article before it was published, something normally he would not do, so I said he could come along under that agreement.
Master Cho and the Gold Needles
About six seeks before we were to leave for Egypt I received a strange call asking me to meet a Qi Gong master from Korea. Master Cho was visiting from Korea and wanted to meet me. I did some research on Master Cho and found he was an acupuncture master and could perform feats of super-human strength beyond imagination. For example, he could take a one-inch iron bar, fill it with his chi or inner energy, and then fold the bar into a pretzel as if it was made of clay.
When we met, he told me that he had heard of me and that he wanted to give me a gift. He told me he had trained in a technique called “gold needle acupuncture” at a monastery in the mountains of Korea that involved inserting gold needles permanently into the body. This was the gift he offered me, stating that the needles would give me great power. The needles were made of 24-carat gold and were so soft that once injected into the body, they would stay in place and not migrate as hard needles would. He wanted to insert 128 needles into my body, an honor given to very few people on Earth.
Over the next ten days, he injected 128 needles all over my body. The process was painful. In six months, according to Master Cho, my energy fields would be greater than that of anyone else on Earth.
Most of the needles are in the bladder meridians on each side of my spine and show up on x-rays. It has driven x-ray technicians up the wall! Whenever I get an x-ray of my upper body, I have to tell the doctors about the needles. The first time I was x-rayed for a spinal subluxation, I forgot to tell the technicians, who redid the x-rays three times before asking me if I had any metal implants in my body.
Master Cho said that in 15 years I would need to get more gold needles in the psychic centers of my brain. When I asked where he would be in fifteen years, he said he would be back in Korea. I then asked how I would get the needles. All he would say was that I should not worry, that it would happen.
On to Cairo
When we arrived in Egypt , the Cairo Airport was like a large warehouse. Everyone’s luggage was piled in the middle of the floor. We were asked to pick our luggage out, get a visa and proceed through customs.
Eve stood out as she always did - busty, six-foot-two and gorgeous. Immediately customs pulled us aside and the customs man asked me if I had any Playboy magazines. I told him that I did not, but he searched my luggage any way. He apparently thought that Eve was a Playboy model.
We exited from the airport and started looking for a taxi. A very old Arab in a long white galabea [man’s dress] came up to me and said, “My name is Champion and I know why you are here.”
I replied, “Okay, why am I here?”
Champion came back with, “You want to spend the night in the Great Pyramid. I have been waiting for you to arrive. I will arrange everything.”
I was dumbstruck and told Champion that indeed we wanted to spend the night in the Great Pyramid. Champion explained I could find him any time by going to the Sphinx or the Giza Plateau and asking for him.
Claude, John, Eve and I climbed into a large van and were driven to our hotel, the Cairo Hilton, on the bank of the Nile River .
Eve and I could not show a marriage license to the hotel on check-in, so we were told we would have to have separate rooms. We arranged for John and me to have a double room with Eve’s room next door. That way I could sneak over and sleep with Eve.
Note from author: John Sacks, who went to Egypt with Patrick and Eve in 1974 to spend the night in the Great Pyramid wrote a 27,000 word article about his adventurous trip with Patrick and Eve that was published in Esquire Magazine. The article contained 24+ photographs of Dr. Patrick Flanagan and and Eve.
The astute, credible and truly dedicated humanitarian John Sacks


  • Patrick Flanagan's Endless Hunger and Thirst For Knowledge
  • In Four Decades Patrick Flanagan Develops More Than 300 Unique Inventions
  • Tom Snyder TV Guest Show Appearance
  • Patrick Shaved His Head Bald For 9 Years
  • Becomes a Trance Medium Doing Healing on Thousands
  • Conducts “Innergy Energy” Seminars All Over the Country
  • A Featured Guest on the Gary Moore TV Show in 1962
  • Man of Tomorrow's Masters Several Hobbies
  • IBT ImmunoBiological Transformation
  • Meets, Courts and Marries Gael Crystal
  • Disciplines Self to Become a Celibate for 14 Years
  • Gael Dies One Year After We Separate

Part 7 - Walk on the Wild Side (2)
Chapter 6

How 20 Year Old Patrick Becomes 74-Year-Old Gloria Swanson's LOVER

When we got back to the states from our Pyramid of Egypt trip, there was a call from Time Magazine on our answering machine with a message that they wanted to do a feature story on me about Pyramid Power.
They had found out that Academy Award Winner Gloria Swanson was sleeping under a model pyramid and that she was treating her food with a device I had invented called a “Pyramid Power Grid.”
When I asked how Time had decided to do a story on me, the reporter told me that I was the main topic at high-end New York and Washington D.C. cocktail parties and that many of their news leads came from such parties.
I found myself on the way to Palm Springs to meet with Gloria Swanson, who spoke highly of me to reporters. I had not seen Gloria since I was 17-years-old. She used to come by our Pentagon lab to have lunch with my mentor Yugoslavian scientist and water expert Dr. Henri Coanda.
Dr. Coanda and Gloria often invited me to have lunch with them. They were quite an item in 1962. I was very excited to see her again.
I spent the day with Gloria. She was an amazing woman. At 74-years-old, she was still incredibly beautiful, was a vegetarian and practiced yoga every day, introduced to her by her friend Indra Devi in 1955.
She told me that the pyramid had made a tremendous difference in her life, that she slept every night in one of my designs and treated all of her food and water with my pyramid grids.
I told her about my night in the Great Pyramid and about my sexual energy conservation practices. She invited me to have dinner with her the following week at her apartment at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills and asked me to come alone.
The following week I arrived at a very large mansion in Beverly Hills and drove around to a guest quarters at the rear of the house. She greeted me at the door in a beautiful negligee and said she had drawn a bubble bath for me, leading me to the bathroom where I had a wonderful bath. She appeared with a Japanese silk robe and dressed me for dinner.
Candles were everywhere and incense filled the air. During dinner, she asked me if I would demonstrate what I had learned about sex energy control and the movement of energies through the acupuncture meridians.
After dinner, we made love, fulfilling the fantasy I had about her since I was 17. It was amazing to me because when I was 17, I had an affair with Sue Burris, a secretary for Exxon Corporation and an actress at the Houston Playhouse. Sue was 34 years old, a woman twice my age.
I have always been attracted to older women and Gloria Swanson was an incredibly beautiful woman. No one would have believed that her body was that of a 74-year-old. She was truly ageless. It took every thing I had in my power to control myself and demonstrate recirculation of energies.
Eve had given me permission to make love with Gloria before I went to dinner. I was so thankful that she had. I gave thanks to the powers of grace that had given me such gifts.
When the Time magazine article came out, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek about Pyramid Power. Included was a great picture of a glass of wine on a pyramid grid and a wonderful quote from Gloria Swanson about me and my discoveries.


  • Moves to California to Continue Explorative Discoveries
  • Rejuvenation Clinics and Seminars All Over the World
  • Patrick Becomes a Hermit Outside of Sedona, Arizona
  • Comes Down From the Mountain
  • Authors Another Great Book, Elixir of the Ageless

Part 8 - Meets Lifelong Soulmate

Chapter 7
Patrick Meets His Lifelong Soulmate
It seems to utterly fitting that Patrick Flanagan would meet his lifelong soulmate at a "Goddess Temple" and has personally related to me on several occasions that his lovely soulmate Stephanie is his "spiritual teacher" as well as his most trusted guide in all spiritual matters.
From my own scores of personal communication and person-to-person interaction with Stephanie Flanagan, I know she is a dear, warm-hearted compassionate soul, and exactly the kind of a lifelong soulmate who would is a perfect vibrational match with Patrick.
My understanding is that Patrick was suddenly motivated to take a trip to the Goddess Temple, located near his home in Sedona, Arizona, and when the two of them looked into each other's eyes, the windows of their souls, they felt and recognized their deep spiritual soulmate affinity with one another "on the spot."
I know that kind of deep recognition and elated feeling and also knew the instant I saw and looked into Maria's eyes that she was the lifelong soulmate my heart yearned for and were married approximately one month later, and have enjoyed a genuine joyful soulmate union for more than two decades, as well as birthing a now 21 year "Prince Charming" son named John Mathew Michael whom we both love dearly.
Stephanie has personally told me more than once over the years, in her estimation, no man on Earth is even close to being a such an extraordinary man in countless ways as Patrick. So there is no doubt in my own heart and soul that Patrick and Stephanie are perfectly matched soulmates.
Stephanie, works side-by-side with Patrick and handles all of the Amazing Essentials PhiSciences Skin Products that Dr. Patrick Flanagan's PhiSciences company sells worldwide.

Invention Tidbits

  • Creates the Earth Resonance Generator
  • Invents the Pink Neurophone
  • Invents the Sensor
  • Explores the Sound of Creation
  • Explores Use of the Golden Ratio in Healing
  • Explores Fractal Music of the Universe
  • Discovers Hydrogen is “The Mother” of the Universe
  • Discovers the Secrets of Hunza Water
  • In 1985--Discovers H-ion in the Fluids of All Living Organisms

Part 9 - CHINA Invitation

Chapter 8 - CHINA Opens It's Arms to the "Man of Tomorrow"
China's "number one news story on all TV channels for 3 days.
Obviously all nations on Earth are eager to have the best performing Athletes in the world and the mighty nation of China is no exception.
In May 3, 2011, i received this delightful exultant email from Dr. Patrick Flanagan.
"Dear Michael, I just got back from Beijing where I was the number one news story on all TV channels for 3 days. I was honored as the only non head of state to present my discoveries in the Great Hall of the People.
My product Hydrogen Life is now being imported in to China by the Government of China. All Chinese Olympic athletes are now required to use my product and Hydrogen Life is being sold in the Chinese Olympic stores.
The government flew me to Beijing First Class on Air China for the occasion.
See photo of my presentation with Chinese officials: My product is the only product in existence that reaches in to the nucleus of the cell and protects DNA from damage caused by hydroxyl free radicals from ionizing radiation caused by radioactive particles.
Hydrogen Life also increases production of ATP (cellular fuel) by 4X and increases cellular lifespan by over 4X.
Much love,
Gillis Patrick Flanagan"

Chapter 9
Author of Pyramid Power a 1.5 Million Best Seller Book
Patrick Flanagan's book, Pyramid Power, sold 1.5 million hardcover book copies in the early 1970's.

Most of Patrick's true life story biography readers are going to be absolutely astounded at finding out that top scientists in Russia following Dr. Patrick Flanagan's initiative best seller book worldwide introduction in the early 1970's to "Pyramid Power" went to work within two decades later to do a considerable amount of serious scientifically tested and documented "pyramid research and development.
Lo' and behold, indeed, utilizing Patrick's "Golden Ratio" structural PhiSciences pyramid erection formula - Russian leading edge scientists soon unveiled a host of astounding, powerful, naturally beneficial healing energies and fields within and around various differently angled pyramid structure heights, serving different known and intended purposes all across Earth.
Due to Patrick's pioneering Pyramid Power work, there are now more than 50 new huge Earth changing PhiSciences pyramids "at work" worldwide, mostly in both Russia and Ukraine, one is 500 feet tall.
Here is a "small taste" of naturally healing Pyramid Power documented results now at work today. See a host of other Russian scientist tests, as well as scores of Pyramid Power personal user testimonials posted in the "C" segment of the Appendix below.
Thanks again to Patrick Flanagan the "Man of Tomorrow" stepping "to the fore" and leading the way.
"20 prematurely born babies that normally would have all died in the condition they were in were each fed only a few milliliters of tap water far less than an ounce that had been stored in the healing pyramid energy field of one of these pyramids and to the joy of the parents and to the elation of the scientists, each one of those precious 20 prematurely born babies lived."
This is but a "tiny taste" of what Pyramid Power is already found capable of doing. Be certain to read all of the various carefully documented Russian experiment results, and the scores of healing pyramid power user testimonials ( a relatively few of thousands from Pyramid of Life web site alone, posted in segment A of the APPENDIX of this book.
What may even be more astonishing, and to many readers a shocking "wake up call" is despite the fact Humanity on Earth now undoubtedly has the most perfectly documented low cost science and means to possibly heal absolutely everyone and EVERYTHING on Earth including all life on our Mother Earth itself more fully and effectively then all the various many-faceted, well-meaning global "Green Movement's" of more than a decade of effort, including the long standing, long time oft politically repeated "Climate Change" warnings has done.
It is crystal clear that a widespread knowledge global or national NEWS BLITZ of what can be done with healing Pyramid Power energy has obviously been deliberately withheld or blocked from mass worldwide public disclosure.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind this priceless, peerless ready to utilize Dr. Patrick Flanagan Pyramid Power and combined Russian scientist´'s "healing pyramid energy" research and development can be duly known to rejuvenate all life on Earth.
Pyramid Power is easy and inexpensive to construct an ultra low cost FREE source of healing pyramid energy for our entire Mother Earth as well as for for each and all of us,
Using Patrick's now long unveiled Pyramid Power , every woman, man and child on Earth the long fore-seen, long prophesied, long promised final Golden Age on Earth, with peace, love and abundance for all will soon unfold before our eyes. So be it.

Part 11 - Tesla?
Chapter 10 - Is famed Dr. Patrick Flanagan famed Nicolas Tesla - Reincarnated?
Of late, there has been much media speculation predicated on much collective Lightworker belief or fact that Dr. Patrick Flanagan is the humanly embodied reincarnation of Nicolas Tesla, famed for his early 1900's Free energy science experiments, and his "Tesla Coil" and is noted in history as the "Father of Electricity."
Thus we can postulate and speculate in this vein of light that Nicolas Tesla - Dr. Patrick Flanagan humanly embodied soul today was also THEN in the near past a "Man of the Future" for everything we know and utilize today on earth runs on electricity.
Where on Earth would our billions of Human souls on Earth be today without the use of electricity, utilized to run everything around us from light bulbs to almost all gadgets, motors, cars, boats, airplanes, computers, cell phones, etc.
Patrick revealed to me he knew already at a childhood age he was the reincarnation of Nicolas Tesla, but chose not to make this a public disclosure, thus a coffee or tea party conversation piece, until of late when he agreed to be interviewed and audio-video recorded by several prominent radio talk show hosts.
If you search for Patrick Flanagan and TESLA you will find a host of relative articles or leads to interview done with Patrick as to his former identity as Nicolas Tesla. I consider the below posted July 9, 2012, info, posted by Sterling D. Allan, from a personal interview with Gillis Patrick Flanagan as part of his Free Energy Now series the finest one I have read, and suggest you share it widely.
Did Tesla Reincarnate as Patrick Flanagan?
by Sterling D. Allan
Sterling D. Allan wrote:
I consider Gillis Patrick Flanagan to be the most likely candidate for the reincarnation of Telsa, born a little over a year after Tesla died, with full recollection of his previous life, building a Tesla coil at 8, and literally shocking the neighborhood at 9.5 years of age with his 14 MHz coil that created 6-foot arcs.
2 hrs Interview - July 9, 2012

Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Gillis Patrick Flanagan as part of the Free Energy Now series. Note: See photo resemblance between young Patrick Flanagan and young Nicolas Tesla Archived article
by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News

For a week now, I've been gearing up for my pending appearance tonight on Coast to Coast AM to do a three-hour segment on "Tesla Today." On July 4, I posted a compilation of previous coverage about Tesla on their program. Yesterday, I posted a report of my interview with Karl Palsness, who is one of the most gifted Tesla researchers I know and is involved with several inventors and groups in process of taking some of Tesla's more exotic technologies to market, possibly as soon as a year from now.
Today, I present to you an interview I did yesterday with Patrick Flanagan, who I met a year ago at a small conference in Costa Rica.
When I was invited to come on Coast, I asked Patrick if he wouldn't mind 1) doing an interview with me in preparation, and 2) standing by on Skype to help answer any questions that might come up. He was happy to oblige.
The conversation I had with him in Costa Rica was one of the most amazing of my life, covering much of the same material as in our recorded interview today.
Now, it turns out that he's going to be joining me on Coast tonight, to be be introduced as a very likely candidate for the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla. That certainly fits the theme of "Tesla Today."
I hadn't planned on being that forward with the Coast audience, but that is how things have materialized.
Here are some of the reasons why I see Patrick as the most likely candidate for the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla:
He has the same sort of prolific inventive ability.
He has sent me copies of documents (news stories, awards) that corroborate many of his accomplishments, assignments and collaboration claims.
He was born just over a year after Tesla died. He said that when he was a baby, he remembered everything from his previous lifetime, and he remembers thinking: "Oh God, I have to regrow this body before I can get going again." "I remember great details of Nikola Tesla's life. I don't talk about it much any more."
When he was seven years old, out of the blue, he told his mom that he had been Nikola Tesla in his previous life. She said, "Who's that?" not knowing who Tesla was.
His inventions come to him in dreams, and if he doesn't get them right, they come to him in visions, sometimes lasting 5 seconds, which give details such as circuit diagrams, part numbers needed, to get it working.
When I asked him if he recalled lifetimes prior to the lifetime as Tesla, he said that for seven lifetimes he was a Tibetan monk. That is where he gained the ability to have the visions that guided his inventive capability.
At 8 years old, he was building functioning Tesla coils.
When he was 9.5 years old in North Dakota, he built a 14 MHz Tesla coil, produced lightning bolts at 6 feet long, something Tesla couldn't have done because he didn't have the electronics we have today. When it was activated with just 100 Watts, it would peg the meters of his Ham radio friends half way across the globe, as if he had a 1 kW transmitter.
The neighbors got upset because their mechanical alarm clocks would start going off, and they would get shocks from everything they touched. One neighbor went to brush his teeth, and he got shocked when the toothbrush was still 4 inches away. So Patrick had to shut the thing down and stop using it.
At the age of 13, he invented the Neurophone (which includes a Tesla coil) that by-passes the 8th cranial hearing nerve and transmits sound into long term memory centers of the brain through a "dormant" amphibian/reptilian hearing organ which was previously thought to be an organ of balance, the saccule.
At 14, for a school science fair, using spare parts left over from a ham radio, he invented an atomic missile detector capable of detecting atomic missiles within a 4,000 mile radius, which was picked up by the U.S. government.
At the age of 17, he had received all radio/antennae related licenses attainable. In May of 1962, Life magazine called him a "unique, mature and inquisitive scientist".
His personality is similar to Tesla's: motivated not by money but by a desire to help the planet.
He is a proponent of peace, not war. He believes in benevolent extraterrestrial intervention upon our proving ourselves to be peaceful.
He met Ralph Bergstresser who was present when Tesla's papers were confiscated by the FBI and reviewed after Tesla's death. Patrick told Ralph that he was Tesla in his previous life. Ralph asked him to tell him what he knew about the "Particle Beam project." Patrick drew a diagram, and Ralph said, "I haven't seen that since I reviewed Tesla's papers, and I've never seen it anywhere else."
His statement in our interview, saying "I'm not a businessman. Never have been a business man," is parallel to Tesla, too.
His "distillation" of what Tesla's latter work is all about - longitudinal waves - coincides with Karl Palsness' independent synopsis of Tesla's work.
While the physical resemblance is not strong, there are some similarities, such as both being barrel-chested. Do a Google image search for Patrick Flanagan and compare.
The above statement ascribed to Tesla resembles Patrick's statements about being able to tap into the Akashic records something Tesla alluded to and Patrick achieved.
The physical resemblance of the young Tesla to the young Pat are actually quite striking.

See some of the photos mentioned in this article at:
When I asked him what he thought about how the black ops had absconded with most of his technologies and used them for militaristic purposes, not peaceful; with tears, he replied, "That is why I've only shared 1% of what I know in this life."
He is very knowledgeable about the HAARP array. He said it uses "circular polarized arrays." When I gave my presentation on the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies at the Costa Rica conference, Patrick was totally keyed in to what I was saying, understanding and appreciating everything and making comments to elaborate on what I was saying. He knows the subject well.
He doesn't wear this stuff on his sleeve, but neither was he bashful about answering my questions when I broached the subject, either in person last year, or in our interview yesterday. [July 11 note: I learned today that Patrick actually has kept his belief about his previous lifetime as Nikola Tesla very quiet until now, sharing it only with close friends or those he felt needed to know.]
Overall, it seems to me that while he was a prodigy as a child, that as an adult he has taken more measured steps, not trying to invent at breakneck speed, but learning to focus on certain tasks. He has also steered away from energy and has focused on peaceful remedies, such as health and spiritual wellness.
Here's a photo of Patrick Flanagan and his partner, Stephanie Sutton, which he posted to his Facebook page last year.
Misc. Notes
One time, for example, Patrick transmitted a voice signal through a mountain with only 100 microwatts of power.
He has been employed by a Think Tank at the Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare. But these were not for aggressive militaristic applications, but for defense and communications.
During the 1970s, he wrote Pyramid Power, which sold 1.5 million copies and is credited as spawning the New Age movement.
Since the 80's, he has been involved in water technology for health and healing.

Patrick invented the Neurophone when he was 13. According to his biography, it is a device that:
"By-passes the 8th cranial hearing nerve and transmits sound into long term memory centers of the brain through a 'dormant' amphibian/reptilian hearing organ which was previously thought to be an organ of balance, the saccule. The saccule has since been shown to be an ultrasonic hearing organ that detects ultrasonic sound only if the sound is transmitted through the tissues and bones of the body. Whales and dolphins ‘hear’ through the saccule.

The only way our ancestors would have used the saccule for hearing is when they were swimming in water with whales and dolphins. The saccule has nerve channels that extend to all parts of the brain, including the 'hearing' centers of the brain. Under the right conditions, totally nerve deaf people have been able to hear with the Neurophone. The Neurophone patent was filed in 1959 and it took 14 years for the U.S. Patent Office to issue the patent because the Defense Department considered the device to be vital to National Security.
He designed the Neurophone because: "I couldn't stand sleeping because I couldn't learn why I sleep; wanted to be able to learn 24 hrs/day." The problem with playing audio tapes while sleeping, is the brain naturally filters out the information. Not so with the Neurophone. The Neurophone also balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and increases IQ.
Patrick said that when Tesla was sitting in vicinity of machines he had built, he could hear the spark discharge as if it were coming from inside the head. But it's a phenomena he didn't pursue. Patrick designed a loudspeaker that uses longitudinal waves and is not any louder standing next to it than it is at one mile away. He has not commercialized that yet.
Patrick pursued it at 13, and implemented longitudinal waves into it.
At first, the patent was rejected because they said it wouldn't work. But when he brought the Neurophone to the Patent Office and enabled a deaf employee to hear, then the government got involved and slapped a national security gag order on it. He finally got it released when one of the 3-letter agency guys made good on a promise to help him out, because he was willing to help by giving them a voice encryption methodology.
When he was 17, lecturing at the Mayo Clinic, a brain specialist asked him if he could measure his brain activity. The specialist said that his brain activity was identical to the Swami Rama who had meditated in a cave for 30 years. Patrick's brain showed these patterns while awake and even while working on a mathematical equation. He attributes part of that to the Neurophone, though I imagine that part had to do with the seven previous lifetimes as a monk.

Hunza Water
Patrick's focus for the past three decades has been on studying, characterizing, stabilizing, and selling Hunza water, which has an alkalizing, energizing and antioxidant effect. He tells the story about how pioneer, Dr Henri Coanda, conveyed to him his 60 years of research so he could carry on that work, when he was 17. After 20 years of research, Patrick discovered that the water contains tiny silica particles that have an electrical charge called a "zeta potential."
He pointed out that an objects ability to generate an arc is proportional to how sharp its point is. A basketball, for example, would take millions of volts to get an electrical discharge, whereas a 5 nm particle the size of these silica particles can generate a similar discharge. Or something along those lines.
He sells a product called Crystal Energy that you add to your water to give it these properties. The water increases the cell's ability to transport water-soluble minerals across the cell membrane.
The Hunza water is rich in "hydride ions", which are basically a hydrogen molecule with two electrons, one bound closely, and the other opposite it, loosely. Scientists first balked at this notion, but several peer reviewed papers documented its stable existence, both in the Hunza water and in the human body, correlating its existence with the health of the body.
The Chinese government was so impressed with Patrick's research in this area that last year (shortly after our Costa Rica conference), they honored him in the Great Hall of the People, where usually only government dignitaries lecture. It was the #1 story in Chinese news for three weeks. They now sell the water at the Olympic village.

Wing Angel
Patrick tells an interesting story about his boy, whose given name is John Patrick Flanagan. He used to tug at his gold, Rolex watch, saying, "Mine, mine." And Patrick would chuckle and pry his little fingers off of it.
When he was five, he said, "My name isn't John Patrick. It's Wing Angel. My wife, Smokey, lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida, I miss her a lot."
Given that info, Patrick dialed information and found that there was a "Smokey Angel" living in Cocoa Beach, FL, so they phoned her, told her what their son said, and she replied, "He always said he'd come back for me."
They flew down to Florida to meet her, and after hugging, and talking like they'd know each other for years; Wing asked, "Where's my stuff?" She went and retrieved a cigar box of stuff and opened it. There on the top of the things in the box was a gold, Rolex watch, identical to the one Patrick wore.
They moved her to LA, and she became his nanny, slept in the same bed. They would walk around holding hands, and he would tell people, "This is my wife," causing them to chuckle.
She lived with them until he was 13, when a problem arose because Wing started taking an interest in the girls his age, and Smokey got jealous, so they sent her to live with her sister.
Now he's 40, and his memory has faded of that prior lifetime, but he still goes by the name, "Wing Flanagan."
Autistic/Indigo Child
When Patrick was three years old, he was playing with a flask of mercury and took what normally would have been a lethal dose. (When he was 30 years old, he was told he had a higher level of Mercury in his blood than any other person ever recorded, and the lab doing the test expected him to be ambulatory.) This created some speech difficulties, causing him to stutter, and slowing his speech and social development, so that he didn't speak until he was five.
This explains why it wouldn’t be until seven years of age that he finally told his mother that he was Nikola Tesla; and she then took him to the library to find out who that was, and he developed an insatiable inquisitiveness.
While the mercury certainly is not recommended for anyone, it played into Patrick's life work. It destroyed the Substantia Nigra of his brain, leading him to be a risk taker. Once he did a hand stand on the ledge of a 50 story building. "If I fell, I would have fallen inward. I was totally in control."
"Someone said I'm like a crystal radio signal, able to tune into anything. I can tune into the Akashic records and get any info I want."
He signs his emails: “Encyclopedic Synthesist."
Ego in Check
Patrick doesn't believe in riding on the laurels of past lifetimes, but believes that what is important is what you do in this lifetime. In my opinion, Patrick's lifetime is great as a stand-alone. However, the concept that this is Part II of a previous lifetime, which he remembered when he was born, certainly makes him an interesting specimen and worth watching.
2012, End of a Cycle
Patrick sees 2012 as being a pivotal time in which the choices we make individually and as a civilization having far-reaching consequences. Though a lot of bad things are happening as a conspiracy clamps down on freedoms, he thinks good will win out - narrowly; and he believes that there is a vast host of good people presently living on the earth who will help pull off that victory.
He believes that extraterrestrials are watching with interest in how this plays out, and are there to help when we merit their intervention, but first, there must be a crucial core that chooses peace instead of fear. He expects that "disclosure" of the ET presence will happen sooner rather than later.
"2012 is the end of a cycle, 26,000 years long. Earth is a school. Graduation is at hand. There's the darkness and the light. We're getting ready to go into 1,000 years of peace, where there will be no predators, perfect telepathic communications; no one will be able to screw around with each other. It's coming... "
The dark forces who want to keep [good] forces down, turn us into zombies, keep us from realizing our potential [will not prevail]. It's happening right now; we're so lucky to be alive."
About Sterling D. Allan
PES Network, Inc
Note: PES Network, Inc. welcomes and encourage reprinting of our articles, as long as the source is cited, with link to the original.
Part 12

Chapter 11 - Where to From Here

With work on more than 300 Inventions to date you can be assured that the ravenous thirst and hunger for more and more Light of Knowledge blazes strongly and burns bright in the heart, soul and mind of Patrick Flanagan, the Man of Tomorrow.

A rejuvenated, bright newly dawning Mother Earth is calling all Humanity on Earth to awaken from its long, deep, often dark nightmare of troubled slumber. Most awakening active Lightworkers on our lovely former long-time "prison planet" foresee the prison walls tumbling down and we soon each and all totally free to soar and to roam all Earth at will. 
Scores of highly inspired humanly-embodied souls on Earth have duly awakened, eventually awakening hosts of others. All Humanity is gently, lovingly rising side-by-side to utterly new physical and spiritual heights.
Patrick Flanagan, as himself today, or as - fully consciously known to to him since childhood - his former also highly esteemed Nilcolas Tesla humanly embodied soul self, has long foreseen and immensely served our ages-long-ordained absolutely certain forthcoming unfolding final brilliant Golden Age on Earth in gigantic ways.
Thanks to giant human souls like Nicolas Tesla, Patrick Flanagan, Edgar Cayce - reembodied on Earth as David Wilcock today, Dr. Alexander Golod, and countless others, HUMANITY stands at the edge of an era of endless peace, light, love and abundance, joyfully, equally and gratefully shared fairly by each and all of us on Earth today. 
Bless them all. Bless us all, in the ONENESS of All That Is.


A) Pyramid Power User Testimonials
Only a small portion of thousands of testimonials received from users of our pyramids, water and pyramid matrix, scientists and specialists are presented here on our website:

I have visited many pyramids in many countries around the world, but after visiting Golod’s largest pyramid, my grey hair became darker all of sudden. Alexander Golod is the only one who is not simply researching pyramids, but is also using them for practical benefits.

Georgiy Grechko, Russian Astronaut

 I was about to undergo an operation for removal of kidney stones. I had to wait a few months and so I decided to try pyramid matrices. In a few weeks I had sand coming out with my urine. The process was long. When I went it for a test, it determined that not only kidney stones were gone, but cysts on kidneys as well. You can call me and ask me anything you want, but my family and myself can no longer imagine our lives without pyramid matrices and our mini-pyramid.

Valerily S, Toronto

 Complex fracture as a result of a car accident affected my entire life. It was a miracle I survived it. 1.5 years doctors were “gluing” me together piece by piece. Permanent disability was being considered. The Great Maternal Pyramid gave me back my normal life.

N P, 46 years old

Immune system of a person under the influence of a pyramid or a matrix slows down the aging process of the organism.

Prof. E Sirovski

The water charged by the energy of the pyramid acquires an ideal structure (similar to ice), which is necessary for a healthy organism.

Researcher K. Bombar, European Institute of Water Resources, France

I felt that the power of mini pyramid helped enhance my immune system. Before, I had flu and therefore I decided to test pyramid meditation. My flu was gone after 3 hours.

A. Polosov

5 years I have been suffering from migraine. I could not find doctors who could help me. Therefore, I came to the Mental Health Care Community Center, where I met good specialists. They offered special program of treatments for me. My migraine was gone after 4 months. Now at my home and at my office I use mini pyramid and matrix for meditation. The result is a state of absolute inner freedom.

P. Gofman

I work as representative of my company in Moscow. Have been using pyramid water for 6 weeks. After returning back home I kept explaining to friends and family that did not undergo any cosmetic surgeries and have been using only pyramid water. I definitely look younger and feel great.

Frenica Benalucci, Milan

For more than 2 years we have been conducting clinical studies on more than 5000 patients who were visiting medical center “Pyramid”. We were also placing medicines inside the pyramid. We did not get any negative results. Medical remedies, which were inside the pyramid, significantly amplify their effects.

Prof. M. Grosman, Director of Medical Center “Pyramid”

I’m 80 years old. For over 40 years I was suffering from headaches, which was located in the right side of the forehead after I got sick with virus flu. None of the painkillers worked. I decided to try the effects of the pyramid water and matrices. What a miracle! I can’t express my joy without tears, as after 2 hours of keeping a matrix on the most painful spot the pain was gone. I have been using pyramid and matrices for the past 6 months, and I drink pyramid water. My blood pressure has stabilized. It was 180 – 220 and now, even using the same medications, it’s 120 – 135. I lost 10 lbs. I’m not on any special medication or any kind of diet. Every spring, when trees were blooming, I was suffering from allergies. This year I had no allergic reactions even when eating fruits, to which my organism was especially sensitive. Thanks a lot.

Claudia S, Florida

I have been working with Alexander and (his son) Anatoli Golod for over a year. We have formed an International Partnership for Pyramid Research and we are trying to make known to the entire world the research findings on the Russian Pyramids. I have appeared on many national radio programs to talk about these pyramids and the research. In fact, I have done several live radio programs with Anatoli Golod from Moscow. I am also including a major section in my book, which will be published this year on the Russian Pyramids.

It is my opinion that this research has the potential of changing our world for the better. The research was done by the most prestigious institutes in the former Soviet Union, including many branches of the Russian National Academy of Sciences. I am convinced that these effects that are reported are real and will be reproduced by other institutions. I am also working with the Ukrainian researchers who have been studying these pyramids.

I have devoted a large part of my time in promoting this work and encouraging peer review and additional studies to confirm these results. The benefits for medicine, agriculture, and ecology, to name just a few areas are tremendous. I hope together with the Golod’s we can continue to do research and confirm the results obtained so far.

John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and Co-Director of the International Partnership for Pyramid Research

From December 15, 2001 to October 10, 2002 in collaboration with Pyramid of Life Inc. we were conducting research to determine the effects of geopathic zones on various illnesses. For the research we were using mini-pyramid of Alexander Golod, pyramid matrices and pyramid water created according to Alexander Golod’s technology. During this period we have researched 37 homes of our patients, who were suffering from migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia, various chronic colds, various types of arthritis, etc.

In each case we discovered that patients were living in geopathic zones for long periods of time. In order to locate these zones we were using a special device called IGA-1 – indicator of geopathic anomalies. Geopathic zones were disappearing within 5-6 minutes after we were placing a pyramid in zones’ centres.

After neutralization of geopathic zones, people who lived in these houses, were feeling much better. Many unpleasant feelings, such as insomnia, migraines, muscle aches, etc. were gone. Results of the research are confirmed by tests and measurements by Dr. Voll’s method and by various medical tests. Also, using Dr. Voll’s method we were able to check how pyramids enhance naturopathic remedies. Using German device Kiddling-2000 we checked remedies before and after they were placed under the pyramid.

Remedies, which were under the pyramid for some time became more effective, compared to the same remedies, which were not influenced by the pyramid. Alexander Golod’s pyramids are the natural, inexpensive and effective way of harmonizing space and neutralization of geopathic zones.
Nadia Zinchenko R.N.C.P., D.N.M. BioEnergy Health Clinic

At first I was skeptical about the advertisement, because in the beginning I could not explain to myself how the pyramid “works”. But then I noticed, that water in a jar after one day under the pyramid became viscous and dense, as if you are pouring water, which was in a freezer. And that means, that pyramid “works” regardless of whether we can explain it or not.

When I had angina, I gargled with that water and angina went away. - Once was enough. - Once, when I burned my hand, I placed it under the pyramid as I was advised to do, but was unable to hold it there for a long time because I was feeling a stream of hot energy, which was so strong it was burning my hand by itself. I tried it a few times, but could not hold it there for more than 5 seconds. Which means it works! I place small plants above the pyramid and they “heal” by themselves. Everyone has to try it and everyone will get their own results. Even if we cannot explain something, it does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist.

Galina B, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath
Dear Pyramid Of Life Inc! I would like to share my impressions after using pyramid matrices, of which I learned from an ad in a newspaper. I obtained more detailed information after a phone conversation with the company’s president, Edward Gorouvein. One of my relatives and several of my patients, suffering from unbearable joint pains, who had tried various healing methods (physiotherapy, acupuncture, massages, injections), acquired pyramid matrices. After one month their pain diminished so much, that they were able to move without canes or wheelchairs. The results became more apparent after 1-2 weeks. The matrices were especially effective when used in pairs – one on opposite sides. Some strange and unexplainable (at least, to me) phenomenon was taking place. This phenomenon deserves special attention and further research and dissemination, which will help shed light on a new discipline in science and medicine, in particular, helping people fight various illnesses, sometimes even avoiding surgical operations. Best regards

Arkadiy Levinski, M.D.

I’m dealing with a powerful form of electromagnetic pollution. I’ve tried various types of devices for protection against electromagnetic radiation. Your products are completely harmless, compact, convenient and, what’s more important, very effective.


After many years working as a truck driver I started having back problems. I thought of quitting my job. I tried matrices and to my surprise they helped. A few months later I bought a mini pyramid. Now I have my own business, which has been my dream for years.

Tadeush M, Montreal

… got rid of many women’s problems. These things (matrixes) are really a miracle.

M K, Tel-Aviv

After working for 8 hours daily in front of a computer my son started getting headaches, his vision got worse. It took me a long time to convince him to place pyramid matrix on his computer. Finally a tremendous relief came. Now we are all using pyramids and matrices.

Vera, Milwaukee

In the past I was a professional athlete, a volleyball player. After tearing my Achilles tendon, I was forced to quit sports. But my injured leg was always bothering me, especially at nights. A few days after I started using pyramid the pain had diminished. It’s been six months and the pain in my foot is gone. My sleep has normalized. Thanks to all the pyramid creators.

Karl, Czech Republic

The matrix helped me get rid of intestines inflammation.

Dr. Oleg Grube
Thank you for the pyramid and the matrix. I learned about incredible properties of the pyramid from newspapers. And I was glad to know that many people believed in healing abilities of the pyramids and helped tell the rest of the world about them. And now about my own experience.

My organism has many deviations: bronchitis, anemia, gastritis, pielonephrit, colitis, and arthritic rheumatism. And for the past 5 years my lower back problems have worsened as well. Apparently the vertebrae have shifted. It was awful - I am an independent person my nature, but I had to rely on someone else even to go to the washroom. I started having chest pains, but wasn’t looking for any remedies. But when matrices showed up, it all changed.

After a couple of months I was able to do simple exercises without anyone else’s help, I started taking morning walks, did some tai-chi, then signed up for yoga class. Any physical exercises I tried before were deplorable. The first time I put a matrix on, I could not keep it on for more than two hours. Chest pain had increased. I could tolerate it, but I was afraid. Decided to do it gradually. Then put it on after a few hours and took off already 6 hours later. Then night came and I slept better.

After a week and a half the chest pain went away. I was changing matrix placement all the time: chest during the day, kidneys during the night, lower back in the day and heart for the night. The sensations varied. In the beginning I was feeling light prickling in the areas of matrices. After an hour I was beginning to feel a growing power as if it concentrated in the sore spot. The result was so incredible, that after one week I wanted to place matrices all over my poor body. I would like to say that pyramids and matrices not only correct deviations, but also increase the overall vitality of the organism. Of course, they are not a universal panacea, but they help organism to tune onto the Universal wave of harmony and help us live and work in unison with the cosmic energy. In our house everyone wears a matrix.

My mother is 71 and she has many illnesses, mostly problems with heart, kidneys, and varicose veins, etc. She has not taken a matrix off in more than a month and she feels great. We charge water under our pyramid and everyone drinks this water and uses it to make coffee and tea. I also wash myself with the pyramid water. People, who have not seen me in a few months, ask me if I just came back from a vacation or if I started using new cosmetics. They say I look younger. And I can see for myself that the color of my face and the skin texture has improved.

Since I put two matrices under my sons’ pillows, they stopped complaining about bad dreams and restless nights. Actually, since matrices and the pyramid in our family, some changes took place. I live with my two children, my husband and my mother. Everyone has attitude, and we had enough nervous breakdowns. And now it’s peace and quiet. Everything is discussed in a calm atmosphere. I want to say thank you for your help. I hope the others, who know, are also grateful.

Elena, Toronto
Golden Section Pyramids harmonize energy fields around them. With the help of muscle test (kinesiology), we can measure a relative level of the pyramid energy field. By the exponentially increasing scale of 1 to 1000, where death is 1, love is 500, peace is 600, and full enlightenment or God’s energy is 1000 (see “Power vs. Force” book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.), ceramic pyramid was measured with a level of 599, and crystal pyramid with a level of 520. \

Even within a 3-meter radius the ceramic pyramid was measured with a level of 515, based on the above-mentioned scale. Pyramids can amplify your thoughts, your intentions in order to help you achieve what you desire in heath and other areas of your life. It is wonderful to have a pyramid at home. There are so many ways of utilizing it or to have it simply as a friend, who can cheer you up while boosting your energy level.

M. Damien, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

The wine placed inside the pyramid for 30-60 days shows amazing results in comparative tests. Wine tasters always notice wine from the pyramids because of its unique taste and aroma.

Nickolai, Winemaker
Our problems began after we moved into a new townhouse. I started having back pains, insomnia, and my wife started having migraines and heart arrhythmia. She bought a super mattress, but it did not help. Visits to the doctors did not help either, decreasing pain only temporarily. We started thinking of selling the house. My friends suggested I turn to Pyramid Of Life for help. Inspection of our house with a special device revealed a presence of a powerful geopathic zone. Mini-pyramid installed in our house solved our problem, which seemed unsolvable. Thanks a lot!

Michael and Natalia S., Toronto
 Development of a device for detection of geopathic zones will undoubtedly lead to a revolution in dowsing.

Hans Brunner, Professor of Geophysics, member of the European Dowsers Association

I am a truck driver. This lifestyle does not provide a lot of movement. Thus, excessive weight and 6 months ago I started having prostate problems. Used matrices and pyramid water for two weeks and all the unpleasant symptoms have disappeared and even my weight dropped by 4 lbs. Incredible, but it’s a fact. Thank you very much.

Vasiliy T., Sacramento, CA
10 years of a happy family life were shattered after our move into a new condo. We were suffering from nightmares, constant fatigue, depression, and my husband even had hallucinations. In the beginning of this year our relationship was so devastated that we started considering a divorce. My husband started sleeping in our living room and suddenly started feeling better. This prompted us to call your office. We have no words to express our gratitude. With best wishes,

The N. family
Thank you, thank you, a thousand times! I spent lots of money on various filters, but NEVER have I experienced such effects as I have from the pyramid water. My health was declining and with my last hope I bought your matrices. Even after a week of drinking your INCREDIBLE water I started feeling better, fatigue and nervousness disappeared.

After one month, my back, which was constantly nagging, stopped aching. In addition to my daily 3 glasses of pyramid water I bought another matrix and placed it on my liver. A month after that I saw a brown spot in that area, which quickly dissipated and my liver pains were gone. Your water is truly miraculous! Now we bought your pyramid and our whole family drinks the water. Health conditions and moods of my wife and children are improving in front of my eyes. Thank you! Please tell everyone to stop wasting time and start drinking your LIVE water.

Georgiy K., Kansas
Excerpt from a speech of Mayor of Aradippou (Cyprus) at the international symposium of geopathic zones problems in Larnaka (Cyprus) in 1997. Dear Sirs! On behalf of the citizens of our city and from myself personally I would like to express sincere gratitude to the developers and creators of a unique device for location of geopathic zones, with the help of which we were able to solve the most important problem which disturbed us for the past several years.

This problem – significant increase in the level of mortality among children with leukemia in one of the areas of our city. Using this device we checked dozens of residential houses, 4 schools and 2 kindergartens and discovered the reason for high mortality among children with leukemia – the presence of a powerful geopathic zone, which was permeating through the above-mentioned buildings. Scientists’ recommendations for protection against geopathic zones using pyramids were also effective, which was proved by medical tests. Once again, big thank you.

Mayor of Aradippou (Cyprus)
I’ve been smoking cigars for 25 years. I acquired matrices in order to store cigars without using humidor. I can’t stop admiring the resulting effect. And besides, it’s a lot cheaper.

Douglas Whitmore
I’m 48 years old. I’ve been smoking for 30 years. I quit many times, but then would start again. A friend suggested I get matrices. I haven’t quit smoking yet, but I smoke fewer cigarettes per day and I stopped coughing. What’s also incredible is that my wife became more tolerant of the cigarette smoke.

No Name
I’m 72. About 5 years ago I built a house-pyramid where I live to this day. Every year I go for medical check ups. Doctors can’t stop wondering the state of my health and say that I have the youngest red corpuscles in town. And I feel even myself that I’m not getting older, quite the opposite. Before I was able to pull myself up 8 times on a horizontal bar, but I can do it 45 times without much effort.

Paul B.
I read a lot about meditation. A couple of times I was able to do something spontaneously, but when I tried meditating consciously, I was momentarily falling asleep (due to constant stress and not getting enough sleep). Using pyramid it’s very easy

Richard, Florida

 As for me, I think that after pyramid meditation my depression and soul pain were gone.

V. Curt

After pyramid meditation I have got the ability to see right and wrong sides if the life better.

M. Robbins

We were conducting experiments on immunity of a live organism to various infections. Pyramid and matrix showed significant increase of immunity of a live organism to the most difficult infections (e.g. plague).

Prof. Egorova

Good day, Pyramid Of Life! My name is Lidiya. 2 years ago my family moved to the USA from Belarus. It was not easy to start a new life. To top it all off, our health declined. Here are the symptoms I had: constant fatigue, hypertension, constipation, frequent colds, constant nervousness, loss of hair, significant weight gain. Everyone in the family was fighting and we were even thinking of moving back to Belarus. Fortunately 6 months ago I bought your pyramid and matrices. It’s incredible, but everything is returning to normal and I hope it will stay like that. With great appreciation of you good deeds.

Lidiya P.
Dear Mr. Golod! Allow us to express our admiration and gratitude for your tremendous work noble cause in the name of all Earthlings. Your pyramid is the most harmoniously clean place, with ideal energy, that we have ever encountered.

Delegation of monks from Tibet, Japan and Korea
After difficult trainings I could not relax for a long time, which started to affect my playing abilities and most of the time I was on the bench. But everything changed for the better after my brother gave me a mini-pyramid as a present. In the last season I have become one of the leading players in my team.

A.K., 22 years, hockey player

Your water is a true elixir of life.


I am writing to those people, who are still living in 19th century. I am writing to those people who like to "eat" 10-20 pills a day and who are thinking that the pills will solve their health problems. People, wake up! It is the 21st century and a lot of sick people looking for other than medication. My mother is one of those stubborn old-fashioned people who don't believe in something new. But when the doctor told my mother that she needs the biopsy on her lungs, suddenly she agreed to wear the matrix. In two months her lungs have cleared up and two doctors confirmed that. My husband fell down the stairs and fractured his rib. He was in pain but refused to wear matrix. Finally when he couldn't move and was screaming from pain, he decided to wear the matrix. Next morning he was able to get back to work.This is my opinion that in the future the matrix and the pyramid itself will be widely used just like vitamins for example are used nowadays.

Larisa A., New York

Testimonials from
Pyramid of Life company’s founder, engineer and inventor Edward Gorouvein, dedicated many years of his life to research and development of pyramid structures, and utilization of pyramid energy in everyday life. His interests are: effects of natural and artificial electromagnetic radiation, ecology, harmony in architecture and life.

Appendix B
About the Author

Russ Michael, his soulmate wife Maria, and son John Mathew Michael, 21, today live in the beautiful rolling green hills of Austria. Russ Michael introduced the concept and the very word "soulmate" to mass human consciousness on Earth, via his 1970 bestseller book, "Finding Your Soulmate" published in 12 languages. 
The concept of two humanly embodied souls as life partners being "wed" at a soul level - rather simply at an egoic mental and emotional level - was then "an idea" whose time had come. Now the spoken or written word "soulmate" is warmly in the heart, and on the mind and lips of almost everyone on civilized Earth worldwide and expressed as such in all known languages.
Russ had a genuine death experience at age 18, with no signs of breathing or heartbeat for more than 15 minutes. He was given a choice permission personally by God to be “reborn,” to reduce his soul's high frequency vibration was reduced and he returned instantly back into his human body. Russ disclosed more fully in his Autobiography of an Initiate - On the Path to Immortality.
Russ Michael was given a choice or rebirth as a baby born again on Earth, or would be allowed to return to his revitalized, rejuvenated 18 year ageless body, and was able to retain an indelible memory of his death experience and retain the above normal vibratory state and deep spiritual knowledge he learned during his sudden death experience.
After a 10-year career as a professional basketball player, he became a published songwriter as well as an author of 38 prior books, scribed mostly to awaken our Earth “masses” to arcane bodies of human knowledge known as the "Secret Doctrine" or the "MYSTERIES," publicized and known widely today, in our past two decades on Earth, as “The Secret.”
Over the years, Russ Michael lectured and conducted thousands of workshops about the various mysteries of life across the continental USA, Hawaii and in Canada. He made talk show TV and radio guest appearances on more than 500 television and radio talk shows in the United States during the 1970s.
The Mysteries,” or the “Ancient Arcane Secret Doctrine” was the main topic of Russ Michael’s ten years of constant cross-country lectures in the 1970s and most addressed topic in most of his published books. Russ spoke to millions of listeners and viewers in his 500+ talk-show guest appearances from 1970 to 1980.
In 1975, Russ Michael moved to Washington. D.C., where he hosted and presented his own popular Warner TV series of weekly television shows called “The Mysteries.” The series was so popular that the station manager asked for permission to repeat the entire series when they concluded the series. Russ Michael freely gave permission to repeat the entire series, without hesitation.
Russ Michael founded his own Church of Humanity in Dallas, Texas, which he moved to Washington, D.C., in 1974.
Russ Michael assigned worldwide publication rights of his classic to Donald Weiser in 1990, however now has a greatly updated 2013 FREE English language eBook edition of "Finding Your Soulmate" - available to anyone worldwide - at his Golden Key Library web site address in the Appendix.

Russ Michael also daily compiles and posts a spiritual news update email "Message from Michael Worldwide Newsletter" to thousands of subscribers throughout the world.

Russ is also a published songwriter. Several of his songs were recorded in the late 1950s, including "Satellite Beep-Bop" that was recorded by a major record label by the world famous Count Basie band, featuring Joe Williams on the saxophone.
Russ Michael taught psychology at the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego, California, in the late 1970s. He pioneered and taught an accredited course on The Seven Rays - a totally new study of the easily understood psychological make-up of individuals or groups as outlined in his book, Divine Psychology. After selling more than 15,000 copies in the 1970s, it has recently been revised and expanded and is once again available, now in eBook form, as one of 30+ Russ Michael blockbuster eBooks, most of which relate to The Cosmic Secrets of life!
In mid-1974, Russ Michael and one of his then lovely soulmate, Pat K., organized one of the first and certainly the largest Psychic Science & Arts Fairs in the USA. Russ rented the entire Dallas City Convention Center - largest Convention Center in the USA at that time - which had a 5,000 seating capacity auditorium. He then invited and arranged to bring in scores of major well-known psychics and noted spiritual speakers from all over the USA, for 11 days straight, as well as Hans Holser from Holland, and from several other foreign countries, including the then famous worldwide known powerful psychic healer, Dr. Norbu Chen.
In 1984, Russ Michael was publicly presented with the distinguished Bronze Halo Award by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for his "contribution as an author, lecturer, philanthropist and humanitarian.

Appendix C
Author Contact
Russ Michael Achatzberg 7 Klam 4352, Austria 4352, Europe AUSTRIA
TEL: (43)7269-7986
Publisher or Movie Producer to author email contact preferred at:
Book Proposal: WORD doc or a PDF file of entire book soon available for review on request from my Literary Agent who is also my Chief book team editor, Pamela Leach at:
. . . . or from me at:
In love and the Onenessss of All That Is,
I am, Russ Michael
Download FREE 37 Russ Michael 'self-help' Ebooks - anyone, anywhere - worldwide
Archived website:


Patrick Flanagan, the Man of Tomorrow
A True Life Story as told to Russ Michael
Patrick's utterly astounding and compelling true-life story will excite and thrill every fiber and atom of your heart—soul—and being!
In all our long Earth history of recording the great historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Thomas Edison and Walter Russell never in our modern times before has a humanly embodied soul on Earth emerged on a level with these towering souls as has Patrick Flanagan. Just as these great souls in history left their stamp or mark on the heart and soul of the world in their time, so Patrick Flanagan is leaving his mark on our times.
A prolific inventor, read how Patrick developed more than 300 inventions and still today holds the patent on more than 100 of them. Patrick also authored the best seller, Pyramid Power, which sold more than 1.5 million copies in the 1970s and 1980s.
Read how Patrick “awakened” at an early age, setting his sights on achieving an astounding level of personal control and complete self-mastery of his entire body and being, allowing him to win gold medals in every major sport competition he entered.
However, sports were the least of his accomplishments. From the very early age of 8 years old, the fields of electronics, biochemistry and physics drew his intense interest. By age 12, Patrick was already an avid, prolific and famed inventor.
Read how at age 13, a startled team of Pentagon scientists swooped down to confiscate Patrick’s widely acclaimed prize-winning invention. That by age 16, he had read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. Why at age 17, he was featured on the cover of Life magazine and why Life editors predicted he would become one of the world’s top inventors during his lifetime—a prediction he certainly has achieved.
No other individual in the known history of our human civilization on Earth has produced so many inventions in so many fields, including the field of health and well-being, as has the living, loving and so very charismatic …
Patrick Flanagan, the Man of Tomorrow


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