The Mega-Hydrate Story

The Discovery of the Importance of the Hydride Anion in the Living System

Early years - Guided Missile Detector

  • Invention of the ELF plasma guided missile detector at age 11.
  • This invention and the following invention, the Neurophone led to a consulting job at Pentagon funded “think tank” led by Dr. William O. Davis, former head of the Office of Scientific Research.

Patrick Flanagan, age 17 with Dr. Henri Coanda at Huyck Research Laboratories, 1962

Patrick Flanagan, age 17, with Dr. Henri Coanda
Dr. Henri Coanda, known as the Father of Fluid Dynamics, is a hero in his native country Romania.

"I worked with Dr. Coanda at Huyck Research, a pentagon “think tank” in
the early 60’s. He was the influence that started me on my research into the anomalous properties of water." - Patrick Flanagan

Hunza Water Properties

  • Reduced surface tension
  • Large quantities of active hydrogen ion
  • Microcluster® Silica minerals

Super Hydrate™

  • One drop for every 30 cc of distilled water reduces surface tension from 74 dynes/cm to less than 40 dynes/cm
  • Boiling water has a surface tension of only 45 dynes/cm
  • Our very first product

Microcluster® Silica

  • Nano-technology produced silica spheres 50 Angstroms in diameter
  • One gram in a litre of water has a surface tension of 33 dynes/cm
  • Spheres are ‘Bucky Ball’ geometries

Electron Micrograph of Microcluster® Silica spheres measuring 50 Angstroms in diameter

Electron Micrograph of Microcluster Silica Spheres

University of Massachusetts study shows Microcluster® Silica is unique

Flanagan Microclusters Fingerprint
Dr. Bruce Marlow, Professor of Colloid Chemistry at the University of Mass, Amherst tested Microcluster Silica using Electrophoretic Fingerprinting. Dr. Marlow said the following in his written report: "The physical and chemical properties of silica have never before been recorded by man as these have behaved. To my knowledge there is no public literature that deals with expandable silicas. These colloids are truly unique."

The Discovery of Active Hydrogen

  • In the history of Chemistry, Scientists such as Langmuir discuss a new form of Hydrogen that is called “active hydrogen.”
  • Ordinary mono-atomic hydrogen has only one electron. It binds its single electron by 13 eV. The lower the binding energy, the more active is the substance.

Mono atomic neutral Hydrogen

Mono atomic neutral Hydrogen

Mono atomic hydrogen has a single electron tightly bound to its proton. The electron is too tightly bound to be available in the biological system.

    Hydride Negative Ion

    Hydride Negative Ion
    • The H:- ion can be described as the 1s1s’ configuration (open shell with two non orthogonal orbitals.) The 1s inner orbital is very close to the 1s atomic orbital of the hydrogen atom and the 1s’ orbital is very diffuse and loosely bound.

    From: The Dynamics of Negative Ions by Jean Pierre Gauyacq; World Scientific Press, 1987

    Creation of Silica Hydride

    • We test Hunza water that was sealed in an airtight ampoule for nearly 40 years and discover that it contains ‘active hydrogen’.
    • We create a new form of interstitial hydride. A non-metallic dielectric interstitial hydride that we call ‘silica hydride’.

    Proton NMR Provides Proof of Uniqueness

    • NMR Proves that Dr. Flanagan has created a new form of hydride
    • Tests at the University of Minnesota prove that we have created silica hydride
    • We also show that H- ions are stable in water
    • Additional tests show that H- ions are found naturally in raw organic foods

    First NMR of Silica Hydride in H2O

    first NMR of Silica Hydride in H20

    Zoom NMR of Silica Hydride

    Zoom NMR of Silica Hydride

    NMR hydride ion signature from world NMR data base

    NMR hydride ion

    NMR of Fresh Red Apple

    NMR of Fresh Red Apple

    NMR of Fresh Organic Carrot

    NMR of Fresh Organic Carrot


    Biological Terrain of Pathogens

    Biological Terrain of Pathogens

    Effect of hydrogen negative ion on preservation of fruit

    Effect of hydrogen negative ion on preservation of fruit

    The Battle against Dehydration

    Battle against Dehydration

    When we are born, we average 90% water. By the time we reach 20, 70% of our body weight is water. When water drops below a certain level, we get our first wrinkles. By the time we are 80 our dehydrated cells begin to look like dried up prunes. Ordinary water cannot hydrate the cells because of high surface tension.

    MegaHydrate reduces surface tension of water to values found in young healthy bodies.

    Changes in Surface Tension of Water

    When MegaHydrate and Super Hydrate are added to pure water, changes in molecular structure reduces surface tension to 45 dynes per centimeter. This the surface tension needed to wet lipid based cell membranes.

    NADH Regeneration in Mitochondria living Cell Culture

    Cory Stephanson at the University of Minnesota, discovered that NADH, and Mitochondrial ATP production doubled when Flanagan Silica Hydride was added to living human and ovarian cell cultures. The value added to the cultures was the same level we get when we take about 4 capsules of MegaHydrate in a day.

    Electron Spin Resonance of Hydroxyl Free Radical Scavenging by Microcluster® Silica Hydride

    Electron Spin Resonacne of Hydroxyl

    University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Lester Packer

    Redox Potential of water after addition of MegaHydrate

    • When MegaHydrate is added to ordinary oxidized water, free hydrogen anions are released forming clathrate cages of stable ions. When sealed, these ions remain stable for periods of up to one year.
    • ORP reduction to -850 mv or lower

    Structures that can stabilize H:- ions for long periods of time in solids and liquids

    Silica Cage
    From Stabilization of Atomic Hydrogen in Both Solution and Crystal at Room Temperature, Sassamori, Okaue, Isobe and Matsuda. (1994) Science 265, 1691-1693

    This is an example of a silica cage that can trap active hydrogen ions stably for a year or more.

    Similar ion trapping cages exist in water. The Hydrated Electron, Edwin J Hart, Wiley Interscience, 1970.

    MegaHydrate Characteristics

    H- is the world’s most potent primordial natural antioxidant.

    • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measure of the number of electrons present in relation to protons, ranging from +1200 to —900 millivolts.
    • The more positive the ORP readings, the fewer the available electrons from active Hydrogen.
    • The strongest natural antioxidants to date have been: grape seed and green tea with ORPS of —100 mv.
    • MegaHydrate has an ORP of —850 mv making it the most potent antioxidant today.
    • H- is the only antioxidant that donates electrons without generating the inefficient free radical cascade

    Unlike other antioxidants, MegaHydrate provides a net gain of free radical quenching electrons into the system

    ATP and Aging

    • ATP declines drastically as we age due to Mitochondrial Cellular Death from Free Radical Damage.
    • The reason people come into health food stores is because they want more energy.
    • Free radical damage reduces lung capacity and is the cause of aging.
    • This can lead to mutations that lead to disease.
    • Free radical damage is the cause of impaired memory, hearing loss, eye damage and loss of stamina

    MegaHydrate increases ATP

    • When H- is added to live cell cultures, ATP production doubles, from U of Min
    • ATP is the energy currency of the body
    • NADH increases with the addition of H- it is a very large molecule that delivers one H- ion for each molecule

    Krebs Cycle

    Krebs Cycle


    MH Speeds Exercise Recovery

    • Our studies have shown that Silica Hydride, (MegaHydrate) speeds recovery from intense exercise by reducing acid waste products that are the result of anaerobic metabolism.
    • Inner cellular acidity can lead to cellular death. H- ions help to neutralize these acids, resulting in greater intracellular alkalinity.

    MegaHydrate and Super Hydrate™ Summary

    Silica Hydride™ and MicroCluster™ Peer Reviewed Publications

    1. Journal of Medicinal Food - Volume 5, Issue Number 1, 2002. Antioxidant Capability and Efficacy of Mega-H™ Silica Hydride, an Antioxidant Dietary Supplement, by In Vitro Cellular Analysis Using Photosensitization and Fluorescence Detection.

    2. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy - Volume 28, Issue 11, 2003. Synthesis of a Novel Anionic Hydride Organosiloxane Presenting Biochemical Properties.

    3. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy - In Press, Accepted April, 22, 2003. Non-toxic Hydride Energy Source for Biochemical and Industrial venues: ORP and NAD+ reduction analyses.

    4. Journal of Medicinal Food - Volume 6, Issue Number 3, 2003 Accepted May 23, 2003 Evaluation of Hydroxyl Radical-Scavenging Abilities of Silica Hydride, an Antioxidant Compound, by a Fe+2-EDTA Induced 2-hydroxyterephthalate Fluorometric Analysis

    5. Free Radical Biology and Medicine - In Press, Accepted 7/24/2003. Antioxidant capacity of silica hydride: a combinatorial photosensitization and fluorescence detection assay

    6. Journal of Medicinal Food - Volume 7, Issue Number 1, 2004 (Scheduled) Differential Metabolic Effects on Mitochondria by Silica Hydride Using Capillary Electrophoresis.


    Silica hydride provides active hydrogen, a source of negatively charged hydrogen ions. Super Hydrate increases efficiency of the body’s fluid systems, helping to bring nutrients to cells and to remove toxins neutralized by H-ions.


    Provides the hydride anions needed to optimally convert NAD into NADH within the Krebs Cycle. Shown to increase ATP production 2-fold.

    The Most Powerful Antioxidant

    • 8 times stronger than Pycnogenol as an antioxidant.
    • Only antioxidant that scavenges free radicals without becoming a free radical itself. (This prevents the “free radical cascade” that other antioxidants can’t prevent.)

    Increases Cellular Hydration

    • Easily passes through all cells. Decreases water’s surface tension allowing increased flow of nutrients into the cells. Cleansing
    • The Silica Hydride increases flow of toxins out of the cell. Maintains Healthy Biological Terrain. Alkalinizes the body.

    Helps Prevent Cellular ACID Buildup

    By increasing efficient functioning of the Krebs Cycle. Helps neutralize intracellular acidity. Most toxins of metabolism are acid and contains damaging free radicals.

    Cosmology: H- in Sun Gives All Life

    "All the light and warmth that the Earth and it’s inhabitants receive from the sun is the result of the chemical reaction in which neutral hydrogen atoms receive an extra electron from vaporized metals, forming the H- ion. The H-ion, made from the light of the sun during photosynthesis, is the Fuel of Life for all living organisms.

    From Nobel Laureate: S. Chandrasekhar
    Selected Papers Volume 2

    View 2003 PowerPoint presentation

    View 2001 MegaHydrin Literature

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