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Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in 1958.

It is an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received U.S. Patent No. 3,393,279 in 1968.

The invention earned him a profile in LIFE Magazine, which called him a “unique, mature and inquisitive scientist.” Flanagan has continued to develop the Neurophone and it is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning.

At the age of eleven he developed a guided missile detector used by the U.S. Military, at age seventeen gained his air pilot’s license and was employed by a Think Tank at The Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare.

By 1981 Flanagan had invented a series of useful devices and products based on water and specific mineral structures in the area of health. His discovery of the special properties of the negative hydride ion, while once ridiculed, received serious attention when the Nobelist, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar 1910-1995, proposed it as a major component in how hydrogen transfer occurs in the Living System.

Several scientific papers by Flanagan about Silica Hydride have been published in peer review journals such as the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and the Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

Flanagan continued his activities as scientist, inventor, and philanthropist, promoting the understanding of the role of Silicate Hydride in maintaining a healthy pH within our biological terrain.

Patrick took leave of this planet in December of 2019 where antigens from his childhood affliction with Polio finally took it’s toll on his ability to fight off the long term effects.

PhiSciences, founded by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, includes a group of doctors, scientists, and businessmen whose vision is to enhance the quality of human life through natural means. Our mission is to improve human health through innovative adoption of valid breakthroughs in science using socially responsible business practices.

In pursuit of our mission, we aim to:

  1. Introduce the next generation of ionized Silica Hydride discovery with MegaHydrate®
  2. Investigate the phenomena known 
as Epitaxy and enhance the structure of water through Crystal Energy® and Microcluster® silica
  3. Commercialize the Neurophone® technology
  4. Validate our scientific discoveries through stringent peer reviewed studies
  5. Adhere to excellent manufacturing protocols with production facilities that are ecologically responsible
  6. Rigorously and continuously test, assess, and review ingredients for purity and safety
  7. Include only the highest quality nutriceutical-grade ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness, safety, and customer satisfaction

Improving Health through Science



The Ultimate Hydration Dietary Supplement
Capsules & Powder

“You are what you drink.”
- Dr. Henri Coanda
 - Father of Fluid Dynamics

MegaHydrate® is the key that unlocks the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and/or remove waste nor relieve pain from such conditions as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

MegaHydrate also helps fight the negative effects of alcohol, caffeine, stress, free radicals and aging. In addition to its hydrating effects, MegaHydrate is the most powerful antioxidant known. It is a “pure” antioxidant that does not turn into a free radical itself. Taken daily, MegaHydrate will deliver far more hydrogen ions to the body than eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables would alone.

Humans need hydrogen to survive. It is the key to long life and anti-aging.

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Crystal Energy

The Secret of Longevity

Flanagan Microclusters® WetterWater® Formula

Water is the Mother & Matrix of all Life

Crystal Energy® is the first product Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented after studying Hunza water. It consists of billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that have the highest zeta potential ever measured.

When added to water Crystal Energy instantly turns water into a liquid crystal and more closely matches water surrounding the cells in the body.

Our studies have shown that Crystal Energy helps to increase the flow of water and nutrients across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water, increasing hydration of cells.

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Flanagan Neurophone NF3

Neural Efficiency Optimizer

Neurophone® allows the brain to ‘hear’ directly through the nervous system without using the ears. It is also a highly effective tool for learning, relaxation, and meditation and helps induce whole brain coherence.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in 1958 at the age of 13. The invention earned him a profile in a special edition of LIFE Magazine featuring "One Hundred of the Most Important Young Men and Women of the United States."

Although he had other inventions at an even earlier age, the Neurophone was what really put Dr. Flanagan in the spotlight and gave him his public notoriety as a child prodigy featured on The Gary Moore Show. In 1962 Dr. Flanagan was awarded the Golden Plate Award by the American Academy of Achievement in San Diego.

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    Crystal Energy®
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    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's MegaHydrate Capsules
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    Dr. Patrick Flanagan's MegaHydrate Powder
  • Sensor V Medallion

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    Patrick Flanagan's Sensor V Medallion Success
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