Hunza Water

Karakorum Mountains
Hunza River, Karakoram Mountain

Patrick Flanagan's focus for the past three decades has been on studying, characterizing, stabilizing, and selling Hunza water, which has an alkalizing, energising and antioxidant effect. He tells the story about how pioneer, Dr Henri Coanda, conveyed to him his 60 years of research so he could carry on that work, when he was 17. After 20 years of research, Patrick discovered that the water contains tiny silica particles that have an electrical charge called a "zeta potential."

Flanagan pointed out that an objects ability to generate an arc is proportional to how sharp its point is. A basketball, for example, would take millions of volts to get an electrical discharge, whereas a 5 nm particle the size of these silica particles can generate a similar discharge. Or something along those lines.

Flanagan creates a product called Crystal Energy that you add to your water to give it these properties. The water increases the cell's ability to transport water-soluble minerals across the cell membrane.

The Hunza water is rich in "hydride ions," which are basically a hydrogen molecule with two electrons, one bound closely, and the other opposite it, loosely. Scientists first balked at this notion, but several peer reviewed papers documented its stable existence, both in the Hunza water and in the human body, correlating its existence with the health of the body.

The Chinese government was so impressed with Patrick's research in this area that last year (shortly after our Costa Rica conference), they honored him in the Great Hall of the People, where usually only government dignitaries lecture. It was the #1 story in Chinese news for three weeks. They now sell the water at the Olympic village.

The Secret Life of Water

Part 1 - The Secrets of the Water Wizards

Our host begins an overview of the role of water as we have come to know it up to now - on the Planet, in our bodies and its special characteristics.

Since ancient times water has been regarded as sacred and holy, playing a part in every religion and synonymous with purification. Yet in our scientific age it has been taken for granted, reduced to the formula H2O, thought of merely as the transport system for materials like nutrients or waste products. Now many people are beginning to question the effectiveness of our treatment methods, which, with detergents, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, have created severe conditions that threaten to poison humans and wildlife and build up in a toxic soup throughout the ecosystem.

Pioneers like Victor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk and Rudolf Steiner as far back as the 1920s discovered that water had qualities far more interesting and life-enhancing than previously understood. By studying how water moved in Nature (e.g. vortex and other actions), how it behaved at different temperatures and so on, they were able to make observations about the qualitative differences water had on living systems and how that might relate to metaphysical and philosophical concepts underlying our mechanical universe.

Modern researchers like Austrian Johann Grander and William Baumgartner have furthered this research, building devices which mimic and speed up Nature’s long, slow charging processes using magnetism, ceramic egg-shaped containers, vortex motions, etc. The various theories of reintroducing positive life-enhancing energy to revitalize “dead” water are explained.

Credible scientists and average people report on their experiences with these “charged” waters. Not only are physical effects seen and measured but theories as to what is at work in these cases are posed.

Jennifer Greene, a well-respected water researcher most known for her work on flowforms (developed by John Wilkes) and the drop picture method of testing water, reveals insights into this magical substance and where we are about to go as our scientific understanding and instrumentation becomes more refined.

Part 2 - The Science of H2O

The Hunza people in Kashmir reportedly have the longest lives of any peoples on Earth. Longevity researchers have pointed to everything from the stress-free pace of their lives to the yogurt. Patrick Flanagan spent years with water researcher Dr. Henri Coanda, who found that the glacier runoff produced fine microclusters of minerals colloidally suspended in the water of the region. Flanagan, together with his wife Crystal Gayle, observed that this water has less surface tension and is more easily absorbed into the body’s cells.

After years of experimentation the Flanagans found a way to stabilize this Microcluster technique and have developed products which under independent testing by Dr. Dennis Higgins and others have shown remarkable properties in aiding the body’s immune system. We compare it to the famous Willard water or catalyst water produced during the 70s.

Other scientists like Loren Zanier and Dr. Lee Lorenzen, who has been working on stabilizing what he calls “clustered” water, reveal that water in its pristine form coming right out of the ground or from glacial ice takes on the form of a hexagonal snowflake under a microscope, while normal city tap water looks like a cancer tumor!

Distilled water, devoid of minerals or pollutants, actually looks like a sterile, empty square.

The body of scientific research now seems to verify that not all water is energetically equal and that there are subtle but measurable ways to tell the difference.

It now appears that water can hold a memory, a resonant frequency, of what was in it even after it has been filtered & cleansed! This is how homeopathy works in healing. Experiments showing how water with infinitesimally small traces (essences) of certain substances may actually trigger the body’s immune system as if it were exposed to strong medicines are cited. Some clinics in Mexico are reporting cures of AIDS using water therapies! We examine one of these clinics and speak to both advocates and skeptics.

There is even mounting evidence that much of what we call disease is based on dehydration of the body, early warning signs that we need to drink water much more than we do. Iranian Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of the best-selling Your Body’s Many Cries For Water explains his experience with hundreds of patients.

Part 3 - Healing Waters for a Thirsty World

Even in this scientific age thousands of devoted pilgrims continue to flock to sites such as Lourdes and the more recent healing waters at Tlacote, Mexico. Although many of the miraculous cures might be attributed to the power of belief, that would be difficult to support in the case of the many reported cures of animals. In filming at Tlacote and talking to the people there, we scoop up some samples and take them back to the US for rigorous scientific tests—using ORP meters, measuring the electro-magnetic frequency, etc. What we find or don’t find will be interesting based on their interpretations by qualified experts.

Yet, the mystery of the miraculous curative property of energized water may be within sight of being explained. Scientifically trained researchers, some inspired by dreams and visions, are popping up everywhere, especially on the Internet, to proclaim that they have discovered the secret to the world’s pollution crisis. We sort through the outrageous claims of the true believers to focus on several companies and their founders and the scientific analyses of how their techniques are revitalizing or “restructuring” water in seemingly-miraculous ways.

Cellcore’s “Harmony” water uses distilled water as a base and seems to be closest to Dr. Lorenzen’s clustered water.

Dr. Ayhan Doyuk from Turkey has introduced “Perfect Planet” super-ionized water which reportedly has 3 extra electrons and has been shown to clean the entire Bay of Ishmir near Istanbul in only a few months. When it mixes with petrochemicals or other toxins it somehow breaks them down or transmutes them into organic compounds that can be consumed by fish and microorganisms. Under a microscope, the water creates a fractal geometric pattern as if it were biologically active! People who have been using a diluted version for internal consumption cite their remarkable experiences.

Aaron Rosewater has developed a set of metal discs that are cutout with patterns in sacred geometrical forms. When sunlight passes through the forms into water there is frequency imparted into the water!

Other “brands” we investigate include: Lightwave’s Living Water, Pi Water, Atma Water, Microwater from Japan, and even one woman who claims to have been transforming water for over 20 years simply with divine energy that flows from her hands!

Our host wraps it with a caveat — be cautious about what we put into our bodies but remain open minded. Since we are 75% water maybe it behooves us to consider that water is in fact living and conscious and may end up being the key to 21st century health.

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