Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power - The Science of the Cosmos

A handsome new, affordably priced, edition of Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan's long out-of-print ground-breaking 1975 bestseller on the historical research and hard science behind the energy fields created by Sacred Geometry, Pyramid Power stands as the flagship source book of its genre written by an acknowledged sage of scalar energies, Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, director of PhiSciences in Cottonwood, Arizona.

The book, written in a unique format called ‘ventilated prose’ in order to allow the reader to absorb the depth and density of its information without cognitive indigestion, takes us on a fascinating overview of sacred energies and protocols throughout the centuries, such as prana, kundalini, chi, tumo and bio plasma, all diverse cultural labels for a trans-cultural reality perhaps best described as ‘life energies.’

Of it, scalar energies researcher Ken Rohla writes, in his introduction: "Whether we realize it or not, pyramid researchers Dr. Alexander Golod, Dr. Valery Uvarov, Dr. Semir Osmanagic; nuclear engineer and scalar energy physicist Dr. Thomas Bearden, physicists Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, Dr. Konstantine Meyl, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, and many, many others have all been influenced by Patrick’s work. The knowledge in this book has been passed from person to person ad infinitum so many times that we who use this information in new applications often don’t even realize the origins of our work trace back in great part to Patrick’s discoveries."

Pyramid Power is about much more than pyramids and the strange phenomena they display. Patrick lays a foundation covering different types of subtle energies that have been observed and described throughout history, from mystery schools and esoteric practices to mainstream science and mathematics, connecting them to each other and pyramid energy. He shows the interrelationship or similarity of energies that have been called chi, prana, kundalini, life force, auras, bio fields, morphogenetic fields, orgone, scalar waves, torsion waves, longitudinal waves, zero point energy, tachyon energy, bio photon energy, mitogenic rays, etc.

The amount of knowledge referenced in Pyramid Power is impressive, even by today’s standards when more is known about these concepts and we have the internet at our disposal. Just searching the internet for the many phrases in this book could keep a researcher busy for years.

For example, searching on just a handful of phrases like “Pavlita generator,” “psychotronic twirler,” “Hieronymus machine,” “Anaximander,” and “Alexander Gurwitsch” now brings up mountains of material for further research. Patrick Flanagan has always been ahead of his time.

The ideas presented here can or have already lead to: decentralized “free energy,” technologies, weather modification technologies, including nontoxic counters to toxic (and profit-driven) geo-engineering, methods for neutralizing radioactivity and radioactive elements (a less-than-popular idea with the nuclear power and weapons industries) water purification technologies, earthquake prevention technologies (proven by Alexander Golod) physical, mental, and emotional healing technologies and many more technologies some yet to be discovered.

Arthur C. Clarke once said “the only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Pyramid Power remains a bold breakthrough to the reality of the quantum dimension and the zero point portal that form the unseen infrastructure of our very earthly existence, which science is only now probing.

I hope this book continues to inspire others to reach for the “impossible” and I hope it will inspire you to perhaps unlock some of the secrets of the universe for yourself!
- Ken Rohla

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