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Sensor V Medallion

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The fifth generation of Patrick Flanagan's famous Sensor series, the 5-sided pyramid design is inspired by the discovery of 5-sided pyramidal structures on the planet Mars. Cast in bronze and plated in GOLD, the SENSOR V Medallion is concavely curved as a shallow dish where five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ in a perfect spiraling vortex. Dr. Flanagan visited Egypt dozens of times studying the practices of ancient Egyptians who wore GOLD medallions and jewelry for sacred energy and empowerment. Now you can, too! The face is finished in a combination of three types: the pyramids are semi-polished; the outer ring is polished; the field behind the pyramids is matte. The backside field and engraving are matte with a polished outer ring.

Please protect your Sensor V as you would any piece of gold-plated jewelry. Avoid showering while wearing as certain soaps can cause discoloration and flaking of the gold plating.

The Sensor V produces temporal and spatial coherence in fields, and multifractal dimensions and organizes harmony in the entire area that surrounds it. Its geometry is as perfect as it can be. Since Phi is a transcendental number, it generates the attempt at decimal calculation.

Sensor V is a vortex according to the dimensions of the sacred geometry with 5-sided phi pyramids. It contains a spiral vortex in the golden section, all in perfect coordination with each other. It really generates a coherent, holographic, multi-dimensional vortex. The Sensor V is cast in bronze and gold coated.

The sensor is concavely curved, with depth to the center as a shallow dish. The five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ smaller inward and the energy is in the center of the sensor. This sensor is less a piece of jewelry than a “pyramid engine”.

The bio-energy field of the person is a kind of “energy plan”. Authors Barbara Ann Brennan and many others believe that our physical body follows this blueprint harmonizes the energy field and attracts positive changes to the physical body itself.

PEB is a technology that can register changes in the bio-energy field. A test for Sensor V examined these changes after 1/2 hour to over 2 hours of wearing the sensor.

Summary of the Test:

In addition to changes in cellular energy level, the evaluation that the use of the sensor V also captures deep layers of the human energy system: The partially massive changes of the curves show that the sensor also has a profound impact on systemic-psychological field results. All shown in the tests indicate compensatory changes, and supportive and energetic influences on local, systemic, and global levels.


The sensor v enhances your aura and makes it bigger to protect you from EMFs. With this protection, your mind is able to function better. Environmental pollution is getting worse every day and it's affecting how you feel, even if you can't see it. The best investment you can make is in yourself, you don’t have to get this pendant but do get something for protection.

The better you feel, the better your life turns out.

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