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Patrick Flanagans Neurophone Western Union Offer


In 1962, after Patrick Flanagan's appearance in LIFE MAGAZINE, he received this unsolicited million dollar offer for the Neurophone rights. He declined!
Patrick Flanagan's NF3
"The Golden Plate Award (GPA) has been presented since 1961 by the American Academy of Achievement to approximately 25 guests of honor at the International Achievement Summit. Chosen by the Academy’s Awards Council and other distinguished authorities, these men and women of exceptional accomplishment in the sciences, the professions, business, industry, arts, literature, sports, entertainment, and public service are acclaimed … not as winners, but as visionaries and achievers who represent the many who excel." - From the GPA Website


In the newspaper clipping below from the San Diego Evening Tribune for December 29, 1962, Patrick Flanagan appears next to Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Dr. Wendell Meredith Stanley, Egyptian journalist Mr. Kamal Raouf and Mrs. Raouf.

Patrick Flanagan and Nobel Chemisty Prize Winner Dr. Wendell Meredith Stanley
As the official citation below, the newspaper clipping above, and these photos confirm, PhiSciences founder Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a recipient of the Gold Plate Award at the Academy of Achievements Annual Gold Plate Banquet on December 29, 1962, for his invention of the brain-boosting Neurophone, for which he was also featured in LIFE MAGAZINE.


However, for reasons unclear to us, despite several requests for corrections to this oversight, we are not sure why the GPA does not list Dr. Flanagan on their website. When Patrick was still with us it was his feeling that this omission was political in nature.


It remains a mystery, but we are proud to present the indisputable proof to you that Dr. Flanagan is a recipient of the prestigious honor of the Gold Plate Award by the American Academy of Achievement for his invention of the Neurophone, awarded to him besides other greats of 1960s science who were Dr. Flanagan's fellow pioneers of space travel, chemistry, nuclear physics and computer technology.



Neurophone's evolution below with Patrick's Gold Plate.

Academy of Achievement Gold Plate Award Patrick Flanagan 12/29/1962


Academy of Achievement Gold Plate Banquet Oceanhouse San Diego 12/29/1962

Patrick Flanagan Gold Plate Award Citation 12/29/1962


 In 1986, Patrick was recognized for his expertise with this Doctor of Alternative Medicine
Patrick Flanagan 1986 Sri Lanka Alternative Medicine Doctorate




Pyramid PowerDr. Patrick Flanagan's wife and partner in all things Stephanie Sutton rediscovered a 2011 interview by author Joseph Marcello, who also edited "Pyramid Power". Happily, the interview provides deeper insights into the Patrick's groundbreaking studies on ancient pyramids. As well the interview, among other profound insights, dives deeper into the cosmic significance of pyramid geometry in application in the creation of his world famed Sensor V Medallion (available on the store page). 





Let's Time Travel! Patrick was an accomplished gymnast in school...and received many awards for service over his lifetime.

Dr. G Patrick Flanagan School Awards

Scientist of the YearLongevity's Missing Link Anti-Aging Pioneet

Micohydrin, the Heart and Exercise

The Phi Sciences research team is dedicated to the advancement of nutritional sciences. Our studies include multiple aspects of chemistry, biology, and physics to determine how the nanotechnology supplements interact with the body. Here's an independent study on Dr. Flanagan's Micohydrin and cardiovascular response during exercise.

A collection of amazing moments in Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan's life!



Another found gem:  NEGATIVE HYDROGEN
The Secret of Longevity &
Fountain of Youth
Written by Lim Cheu Song and edited by Lee Geok Thor 


Enjoy newly discovered footage of two lost 2013 interviews by Gone Green with our founder Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

The interviews are about Megahydrate and Crystal Energy, completed by, and are presented here in 2022 for the first time!



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