The Pyramid and Its Relationship to Biocosmic Energy (1972)

The vintage paperback book, titled "The Pyramid and Its Relationship to Biocosmic Energy Complete Kit" by Patrick Flanagan, is a first edition and contains illustrations. The book exploring the topic of pyramid energy and its relationship to biocosmic energy was written in 1972 and revised in 1973. The Original Pyramid Energy Kit  included three pyramids, compass and the original publication.
The above photo is a Kirlian photo of our new discovery, the Pyramid Energy Generator, or PEG.
The Russian theory for Kirlian photography, if correct, is that if an organism or object is charged with high frequency, high voltage electricity, the electrical corona will follow the natural lines of force leaving the object or organism. These lines of force are said to be sub-atomic particles, a "cold" plasma surrounding all living organisms and around all electric and magnetic fields. If this Russian theory is correct, the above picture represents a flow of "BIOPLASMA" from the tops of the pyramids. The PEG consists of fifteen one inch base pyramids made out of epoxy. This unit is then surrounded by a magnetic field.
The human body, as well as other living organisms is surrounded by electrostatic and magnetic fields which fluctuate with changes in emotions, and other physical and mental states. Kirlian photography when used as a technique is said to give an accurate, ever changing picture of the "aura" or field around the body. These electrostatic and magnetic fields can be measure with sensitive magnetometers and electrostatic field meter.
Our discovery is that the pyramid not only has an accumulation energy inside, but also radiates energy off the points and tops. The pyramid actually works better when the top is slightly flattened as in the Pyramid of Giza.
This discovery is significant, as we have found that all experiments performed inside the pyramid work equally well when performed on top, such as placing items to be treated above the PEG.
The discovery that when a pyramid is placed inside a metal box which shields out the earth's magnetic field, the pyramid will not mummify meat, etc. is of great importance. This led to extensive research on the effects of magnetic fields on the pyramid. These experiments led to the conclusion that the Pyramid of Giza was built at a time when Magnetic North and True North were exactly aligned. Magnetic North shifts around considerably. The last measured rate was 17 feet per month. (1972)
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