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Phi Sciences- The Dr. Flanagan Experiments

Beyond Pyramid Power - The Science of the Cosmos II by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan (Author), Joseph A. Marcello (Editor) 2016

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4 years after his groundbreaking bestseller, 'Pyramid Power' was published, Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan wrote this follow-up volume, about which he comments: "Since I wrote my two previous publications on pyramid energy in 1971 (The Pyramid and its Relationship to Biocosmic Energy and Pyramid Power) I have had over four years of additional experience with these unusual energy fields. The results of this research have never been made public. I will reveal for the first time, the results of these discoveries, and details of the construction of the Pyramid Energy Plates. Most of these discoveries were made in a six month period following my trip to the Great Pyramid of Giza in September, 1974. On that trip, I culminated years of research into unusual energies by spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Cheops. Full details of that exciting night will be given in a forthcoming book. I can reveal that I made contact with a powerful force that has changed my life in drastic ways. Some of my latest findings may tend to contradict a few of my earlier statements on the subject. This is the result of an increased understanding of the mechanics of these energy fields. I have succeeded, since returning from Egypt, in harnessing these elusive energies in practical ways. Energy fields have been produced and transmitted over long distances and detected at a remote receiver. In other words, a new communications technology has been discovered. Pyramid energy has been taken from the realm of the mystical toy, and projected into the infancy of a new technology that could literally change the living condition of man on this planet. I call these new discoveries Tensor Field Devices. A few of these developments are: Tensor Field Voice Communicator; Tensor Field Propulsion; Tensor Field Electro-Catalytic Seed Treatment, which raises the vigor level of seeds from 60% to 80%; and Tensor Field Water Treatment Systems. Additional devices will be described toward the end of this The shape of the pyramid has been experimentally found to have unusual effects on organic media. It was found to mummify meat and other foods, preserving them without decay; improve the flavor of foods and cigarettes; age wine and other drinks; increase the life-span of small animals; improve the growth rate of plants; improve or enhance the meditative state; and keep razor blades from becoming dull! There has been some controversy on this subject as test results are not always consistent. We have found that many variables affect the pyramid’s performance: alignment to the earth’s magnetic fields; electric fields; other objects in the vicinity; and the experimenter’s mind can sometimes influence the results. Sorting out and isolating these variables has been the subject of my research over the years. As my own results were over 90% consistent, I had enough evidence to keep my interest alive. Even N.A.S.A. has realized the importance of the pyramid shape as evidenced by a new patent application showing the use of pyramids and cones as sources of electric power." Of 'Beyond Pyramid Power,' the International Business Connection, Inc. writes, "Excellent insight to magnetic form resonance, tensor fields scalar energies and topological electronics. Flanagan is a true genius and his discoveries continue to subtly shape our world. Fifty years from now, this book will be a classic because it describes lesser-known technologies that will hopefully be second nature to future generations. I am a researcher and have had tremendous results because of the impact of this book, and also other researches of Dr. Flanagan."