Stephanie Sutton-Flanagan Bio


Glenbrook South High School
Chicago, Illinois
Graduation: 1968

Green Mountain College Art Major
Poultney, Vt.
Graduated:  1970

Neighborhood Playhouse
Summer Training in Method Acting
New York, New York

University of Washington Performing and Visual Arts Major
Seattle, Washington
Graduated:  B.A. Fine Arts  1974

Antioch College West Seattle, Washington
Graduated:  1978 M.A. Psychology

Job History


Creative Life Foundation
Seattle, Washington

Position: Psychotherapist working with individuals and families
in a private counseling center


Private Practice in Psychotherapy with special focus in
Family Therapy at Life Systems Center
Seattle, Washington

Position: Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator


Co-Founded Exegesis, and educational/transformational consulting service
for groups, families, schools and companies

Position: Consultant, Group Facilitator, Conflict Mediator, Therapist, Instructor


Spirit and Culture Residential Program
Chinook Learning Center
Clinton, Washington (San Juan Islands)

Position: Director
Duties Include: Curriculum design & implementation of program
Facilitation of group process
Conflict mediation among students and staff
Facilitation of groups with guest speakers
Group and individual content & context evaluation


Six month travel in Hawaii, Fiji and New Zealand

Authoring book, “Earth Seeking Itself – Personal Quests Towards Right Livelihood”

Co-Creator of Nuclear Sovereignty Project, public educational forum on Nuclear-Free Zones established in the Pacific Rim


Planet HeartWorks

Position: Co-Founder, San Francisco, CA Marketing Director

Completed: Educational Video, multimedia design and production,
published works by six individuals, and several project proposals


WonderBar, Inc.
Mill Valley, CA
“An Interactive Multimedia Entertainment Environment for the 90′s”

Position: Owner/Partner


Earth Day
Marin County, CA
Position: Producer


Circus Earth Foundation
Carmel, CA
“A Multimedia Performance Company”

Position: Creative Director

1992 to 1994:

Widmer Design Team

Position: Computer graphics assistant Desk Top publishing and skills and knowledge including:  Pagemaker 5.0, Microsoft Word, FileMaker Pro, Adobe illustrator, More 3.0.

1994 to 1998:

ISTV Content Development

Founded Crystar Productions

Pilot:  “Timeshift” an intergalactic teen show
Pilot:  “Human Tribe” a teen adventure show
Pilot:  “Typical Longhairs”

Notes of Interests

Member of the West Wolf Medicine Society – Four Vision Quests
Big Sur, California

Vipassana Meditation with Satya Narayan Goenka
and various other teachers

1973 – 1990

Tutorial with Piero Ferrucci and advanced training in Psychosynthesis
Florence, Italy

Studied and lived with the Maori in New Zealand – Aotearoa 1985

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