Flanagan Treasure of the Month

The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook

by John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director
Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association
Foreword by Dr. Patrick Flanagan 
In 1973, I wrote and published the first book ever on pyramid research. I was not sure how it would be received but was very pleased to see it technically becoming a best seller. I was told that best sellers in hardbound were when sales approached 50,000 copies. In the end, we sold nearly 1.5 million in hardbound edition. Everyone seemed to pick up the term Pyramid Power, which was the title of my book. What was so wonderful was that the average person could experiment with this phenomenon in his or her own home and in fact many people did. A rush of literature and other books followed mine and the study of the effects of pyramids became worldwide. Even academic researchers and scientists were looking into these unusual phenomena. All sorts of claims were made but my approach was truly scientific. I reported and described specific experimental setups, recording designs, data, and experimental results. Anyone could repeat the experiments that I did with the information that I presented. Even schematic diagrams were supplied so anyone could build the electronic equipment needed to carry out the experiments. That is the way pyramid research should be conducted. I always believed and still believe that we need to use the scientific method in our approach to this research. We do need to be open to new discoveries but these must be rigorously tested and analyzed. I was lucky that I had a scientific background.
Many people are aware that I designed the Neurophone, which is a device that transmits signals directly to the brain, bypassing the ears and the auditory nerves. Thus, many people that have ear and nerve damage could hear sounds through this device. I also believe that early man may have had this ability to also hear this way naturally and by using the Neuophone, it may awaken ancient sensory modes and perceptions that we have lost. I also had developed a device to detect missile launches anywhere in the world and pin point their location and time. This was a pre high school science project and when the Pentagon heard about it, they visited me at my lower grade school and took away the equipment and classified it top secret. Many tell me that the basis of our missile detection system from the 60’s to the 80’s was based on my design. So, I have always had an interest in developing new scientific devices and testing them. I guess I was a natural to get involved in pyramid research. I always encourage other young people to experiment and use their creativity since that is how advances in science and great discoveries were made. Also, my research with Dolphin communication with the military helped me apply some of the studies with neurophysiology to my other interests including pyramid research. I continue to do research and one of my main interests now is studying the bioengery systems of the human body and the most effective way to delivering nutrients to the cells of the body.
I am very pleased to write this Forward for my good friend John DeSalvo, since I am very happy that he is trying to bring together pyramid researchers from all over the world and from many different academic disciplines. His association is the first to attempt to do this, and this is the first book to include the works of over a dozen major pyramid researchers. Dr. DeSalvo also discusses the pyramid research from the former Soviet Union, which I have been aware of for a long time and also am actively following. It will be interesting to see what this new research delivers. 
I hope you read this book with an open mind and enjoy the diverse theories and opinions that you will encounter. It is also important to know what others have already discovered and what information is out there. This book will give you a good foundation and bring you up to date on all the major theories. Maybe someday your theory will be added to these. My wish is that you pursue your research to the best of your ability and always use your intuition and imagination. That has been the hallmark of my research. 
Patrick Flanagan, M.D., Ph.D., D. Sc. 
Special Dedication by the Author
Dr. Flanagan’s Pyramid Power book has been an inspiration to me and I have always regarded him as the “Father” of pyramid research. He was the first to apply the scientific method to this study and because of his book, millions of people all over the world know about the Great Pyramid and Pyramid Research. The entire research community is indebted to Dr. Flanagan for being a pioneer in this area. It does not surprise me that at 18, Dr. Flanagan was named by Life Magazine as one of the most promising young scientists in America. Their prediction came true. It is an honor to have Dr. Flanagan write the Forward and also to include as a reprint in this book several chapters from his classic book Pyramid Power. What I am most proud and honored is that I can call Patrick my friend. He has been a constant support to me and I make this special dedication of the book to him.
John DeSalvo, Ph.D.
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