A Mega New Year to All!

As we enter 2023, we at PhiSciences are proud and pleased to bring you Megahydrate formulated just as our inventor and founder intended!

Patrick,  known as the “Father of Hydrogen Supplement Research” continuing the legacy of 70 years of hydration research of Henri Coanda “Father of Fluid Dynamics” (pictured above) was able to revolutionize the supplement industry with a product that safely releases negatively ionized hydride. Up until the 1990’ no one had even heard of this scientific advance before!

Patrick’s two best sellers MEGAHYDRATE and CRYSTAL ENERGY are now in stock. Give either a try and if you don't agree it's working just as you've loved it, simply return the used product within 30 days for a full refund.

Start the New Year right and get your supplies to keep your body fueled with the elixir of Life - the radiant H minus that comes from our sun. 

Please visit www.PHISCIENCES.com for more information and to make your order today.
Happy New Year,
The PhiScicences Team

Energy of the Sun - MEGAHydrate
  • Crystal Energy

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    Crystal Energy
  • MegaHydrate Capsules

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    MegaHydrate Capsules
  • Megahydrate Powder

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    Megahydrate Powder
  • Sensor V Medallion

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    Sensor V Medallion
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